Worldwide Winery Ranking – Top 5 – 2022-11-21 to 2022-11-28

Worldwide Winery Ranking – Top 5 – 2022-11-21 to 2022-11-28

Ranking of all wineries worldwide:

The aim of this ranking is to filter out the wineries where an engagement seems promising.


7 criteria are used to create the ranking.

Ranking criteria:

  • Performance of all wines of the winery since market launch
  • Average of all prices of the winery on the market
  • Average value of the development of the last year
  • Average value of the total development since 1996
  • Number of wines relevant for the trade
  • Trading volume of all wines of the winery
  • Current maximum price of the most sought-after wine


Total performance 18%Ø
Total trends 18%Ø
All prices 15.5%Ø
Trends over the last year 15.5%.
Wines 13%Trading volume
highest price 7%

This data is converted into WIP (Wine Investment Points) and made available to the wine stock databases in a global and regional ranking (Bordeaux, Burgundy, California, Tuscany, Piedmont).

Presentation of the results:

You will receive the information about the appreciation of wine lovers worldwide from each wine region from each winery. This ranking says nothing about the quality and taste of the wines, but merely reflects the assessment of international wine lovers, investors and wine merchants. The data is collected and analysed daily by our data centres. The data is made available on all databases every Monday at 0:30 Zurich time.

For legal reasons, here is a note.

These data represent unique information, but are only to be considered as a guide and not as a recommendation to buy. The does not trade in wine or certificates on wine. the is a neutral source of trade information. Our members gain a better overview of the diverse global market for premium wines. No employee of The, is allowed to trade in wine.

Worldwide Winery Ranking - Top 5 - 2022-11-21 to 2022-11-28

 Worldwide Ranking: 1Dominus Estate21.11.2022    28.11.2022
RegionVineyardWineVintageSizePerformance / YearTrendTrading Volume
1US-CaliforniaDominusDominus19921.500+29,80 %-5,35 %51
2US-CaliforniaDominusDominus1990750+39,45 %+0,42 %385
3US-CaliforniaDominusDominus1992750+58,16 %+7,89 %661
4US-CaliforniaDominusDominus1991750+67,55 %+28,15 %138
Worldwide Ranking: 2Caymus21.11.202228.11.2022
RegionVineyardWineVintageSizePerformance / YearTrendTrading Volume
1US-CaliforniaCaymusCabernet Sauvignon Special Selection1987750+17,07 %-17,02 %47
2US-CaliforniaCaymusCabernet Sauvignon Special Selection1990750+16,77 %+1,97 %81
3US-CaliforniaCaymusCabernet Sauvignon Special Selection1991750+30,19 %+25,41 %40
Worldwide Ranking: 3Beausejour Duffau21.11.202228.11.2022
RegionVineyardWineVintageSizePerformance / YearTrendTrading Volume
1BordeauxBeausejour DuffauBeausejour Duffau1990750+104,24 %+678,88 %429
Worldwide Ranking: 4Domaine de la Romanee Conti 21.11.202228.11.2022
RegionVineyardWineVintageSizePerformance / YearTrendTrading Volume
1BurgundyDomaine de la Romanee ContiGrands Echezeaux1987750+65,69 %+122,28 %43
2BurgundyDomaine de la Romanee ContiGrands Echezeaux19763.000+92,79 %+2,02 %18
3BurgundyDomaine de la Romanee ContiRomanee Conti1991750+77,33 %+53,23 %60
4BurgundyDomaine de la Romanee ContiRomanee Conti1966750+83,36 %+105,45 %151
5BurgundyDomaine de la Romanee ContiRomanee St Vivant1976750+58,15 %+116,45 %10
Worldwide Ranking: 5Graham21.11.202228.11.2022
RegionVineyardWineVintageSizePerformance / YearTrendTrading Volume
1PortugalGrahamVintage Port1985750+40,48 %+34,15 %626
2PortugalGrahamVintage Port1955750+46,03 %-23,60 %37
3PortugalGrahamVintage Port1994750+47,93 %+9,58 %417
4PortugalGrahamVintage Port19851.500+51,07 %-3,10 %66
5PortugalGrahamVintage Port1970750+61,30 %-0,65 %168

Images: Ranking Wineries Worldwide - Pixabay - PatternPictures