Wine Investment News 2022-06-22, World Wide Wine Index – WIN 100 goes down by -1,36 %

Wine Investment News 2022-06-22, World Wide Wine Index – WIN 100 goes down by -1,36 %

The value development of fine wines from all over the world, is listed in the Wine Index WIN 100

The worldwide wine index Win 100, tracked the, most significant and most traded, wines from all important wine regions . The wines have been in this index since 1996-01-01 and started with as much as the German DAX index at 2.285 points.

The Wine.Network calculates this index daily based with thousands of wine prices from all over the world. The WIN 100 was fixed with 45.954 and a minus of -632 points on Wednesday 2022-06-22.

  • The performance during the last year was +16,98 %
  • The performance of the last 6 month was +1,04 %
  • The monthly performance has fallen by -2,18 %
  • The short term trend is now at +9,19 %
  • The trend for the long period performed with a positive impact of +193,71 %.


The Wine.Network can store, analyse and process thousands of wine auctions daily and we receive thousands of new auction results and valuations from all wine auctions worldwide.

Just like a portfolio for stocks and bonds - only with us for wines - including a wine cellar management - all prices are immediately analysed and processed, the wine cellars of our users are updated at the same time and their value is recalculated.

We use this daily information to build up our wine indices, which provide a very precise overview of the performance of the world's most important wine regions on a daily basis. An important factor for decisions when investing in wine together with the "Winery Ranking"

Starting Date
Initial Points
Points 2022-06-22
+12,01 %
Total Performance
+1.911,23 %
Wine Index all over the world WIN 100 - Wines Included: 100