The losers of the last trading day were fixed. The Italy wine index -1,64 % in the minus range

The losers of the last trading day were fixed. The Italy wine index -1,64 % in the minus range

The wine index from Italy, reflects the change of the following wines presented. Filled daily with thousands of auctions from all over the world, it is updated with great effort by Collectors-Value and offers unique and important information for wine lovers and investors in wine. On 2020-11-29, the Italian wine index had a loss in value of -1.64% at the end of the daily market. The average closing price was fixed at 28,232 points and in the red area at -472 points. The performance is -6.87% lower than in the previous month. The current trend now stands at +8.30 %, thus achieving an increase in value. With +0.30% in the last 24 weeks the leading wine index from Italy developed very positively. Last year's performance was +24.43 % and was welcomed by investors. The far-reaching trend achieved a gain of +123.38 %.

On Sunday, 29.11.2020, six 2005 Tenuta San Guido - Sassicaia wine bottles were auctioned at Steinfels Wine Auctions for €156.83 per bottle. The wine achieved a reduction of -4.95% or -8.16 €. A penultimate wine price of 164,99 € was reached on 26.10.2020 at WineBid Wine Auctions Online. On Sunday 2020-11-29 a bottle of 2005 Sassicaia was auctioned at Steinfels Weine for 156,83 €. The wine reached a discount of -4,95 % or -8,16 €.

Other wines also had an impact on the change in value of the Italian Index, the leading index for Italian wines. A Conterno Giacomo - Barolo Cascina Francia wine bottle from the 2009 vintage was purchased by a wine investor for a wine value of €157.00 per 750 ml wine bottle. At the penultimate wine auction on 26.08.2020 at KL-Wines Wine Auctions San Francisco, two bottles of 2009 Conterno Giacomo - Barolo Cascina Francia were auctioned off for €182.38.

On Sunday 2020-11-29 at Steinfels Wine Auctions a bottle of 2001 Masseto was auctioned under the hammer for 710,00 €. A penultimate noble wine worth 806,12 € was auctioned on 15.10.2020 at Langtons Wine Auction in Sydney. The wine thus recorded a negative growth of -11.92% or -96.12 €.

The second fine wine index PORT-I, the index for fine wines from Portugal, was also changed. The top wines summarized in this index represent a covered arrangement of wines, which reflects the performance of the wine region in a very optimized way. This leading wine index is updated daily with thousands of wine auctions from around the world. The PORT-I, the leading wine index from Portugal, analyzes the valuable 50 top wines and was introduced together with the German reference index DAX on 01.01.1996 with a lead time of 2.285 points defined at that time. The PORT-I closed on Sunday 29.11.2020 with 20.164 points and a gain of 294 points. On Saturday, 28.11.2020, the Portuguese Fine Wine Index closed with a penultimate level of 19.870 points. The current performance is +1.48%. The changes in value of the Portuguese fine wine index in the last 30 days were +0.83 %. The short-term trend is -4.70 % and is experiencing a devaluation. Due to the current development an investment in wines from this wine index is not recommended in the current state. In the last 180 days the performance of the wine index from Portugal was -8.16 %, which is unsuccessful. The performance last year was +6.23% and was very positive for most wine investors. The trend for the long period reached a growth of +93.02%.

The fine wine index from Portugal of the PORT-I rose by +1.48 % or 294 points. One of the reasons for this development was the vintage Taylor - Vintage Port 2000, the top wine was auctioned at Steinfels Weine Zürich. Three bottles achieved a wine price of 86,00 € per 750 ml wine bottle and thus a profit of +27,75 % or in total 18,68 €. A wine bottle of the 2000 Taylor - Vintage Port wine was bought at the penultimate auction on 2020-11-09 at WineBid Wine Auctions, Online by a wine investor for 67,32 €.

The value of the wines from Champagne is included in this third index. The changes in value of the fine wines from Champagne were tracked in CHAM-I, the wine index is the leading index for wines from Champagne. The index of noble wines followed the most important wines of this premium wine region. The wines were included in this index since 1996-01-01 and started at 2.285 as much as the DAX. Collecors-Value calculates this index, updated daily, with thousands of fine wine prices from all over the world. The CHAM-I was fixed on Sunday 2020-11-29 with 44.777 points and a minus of -604 points.

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