Friday the 2021-10-22, Portugal Wine Index PORT-I drops by -1,33 %

Friday the 2021-10-22, Portugal Wine Index PORT-I drops by -1,33 %

The wine index from Portugal, reflects the change of the following featured wines.

Daily filled by thousands of wine auctions from all over the world, it is held up-to-date with great effort by The Wine.Network.

On 2021-10-22 the wine index from Portugal losed significantly by -1,33 % at the end of the wine auctions.

The average closing price had been fixed with 22.352 points and in the red with -301 points.

The value increase gained by +2,02 % in than last four weeks.

The current trend now stands at -3,64 %

The performance during the last six months was using a drop of -8,15 %

The performance in the last twelve months reached a growth of +14,35 %

The trend for the long period reached a premium of +101,81 %.

The valuation of the following wines had an influence on the change in value of the PORT-I, the Wine Index of Portugal

One wine bottle of Taylor Vintage Port 1997 was purchased for a wine value of 60,19 € per 750 ml bottle.

The prelast wine auction on 2021-10-20 at WineBid Wine Auctions Online , one bottle of 1997 Taylor - Vintage Port was sold for 60,23 €.

Starting Date
Initial Points
Points 2021-10-22
+9,24 %
Total Performance
+878,27 %
Wine Index Portugal - Wines Included: 50