Zachys Wine Auction The Vanguard & Holiday 2022-12-09 Auction Results & Analysis

Zachys Wine Auction The Vanguard & Holiday 2022-12-09 Auction Results & Analysis

The Vanguard Collection & The Holiday Auction, New York - 2022 December 8 & 9

The Zachys wine auction in New York showed once again the highest standards of quality and service of the Zachys wine trading house in New York. The exquisite wines and spirits, the rarities sought after worldwide, the best that the wine world has to offer - everything was gathered and prepared for the exquisite audience.
Zachys writes the following about this wine highlight:


We have chosen the name “Vanguard” for this collection because the consignor is a true wine pioneer. He continues to visit the great wine regions of the world annually and is driven to find the next great thing. As you will see from the upcoming offerings, he has succeeded time and time again. The bedrock of this portion of the sale is Burgundy, both red and white. There are verticals and horizontals of the legends: DRC, Rousseau, Roumier, Leroy, and Coche-Dury just to name a few. However, you will find amazing quantity and quality from producers that this collector knew, long before the rest of us, would be in very high demand. The wines from the Rhône and Champagne are equally spellbinding with deep offerings. These wines have all been meticulously cared for and purchased over many years from only the most reputable sources and the wines have been stored in a professional storage facility in the United States since purchase.  

Meanwhile, the various-owner portion of the sale is called, as it is every year, the Holiday Auction. We start the sale with OWC Bordeaux First Growths from Latour, Margaux, Lafite and Haut-Brion, and then move swiftly to Burgundy. There’s also JJ Prüm, 1912 Yquem, Grange, a Rayas vertical, Gaja, Haut-Brion Blanc, and even spirits from Larue, Michter’s, and others. As usual a smorgasbord of fine wines to delight! 

  • 1606 lots Fine Wine & Spirits were offered at the Zachys Wine Auction on the 2022-12-08 and 2022-12-09.
  • 1.323 New lots could be matched, progress an stored at the databases.
  • The tradingvolume listed at the, without mixed lots was 6.526
  • the volume in price 6.096.765,34 €.
  • The average value per bottle was 934,23 €.

Zachys Wine Auction New York 2022-12-09 Wine Price Records

RegionVineyardWineVintageSizeCurrent PriceDifferencePerformance
BurgundyMoillardMusigny1972750227,23 €182,61 €409,26%
BurgundyMoreau BernardChassagne Montrachet Rouge200575047,34 €27,18 €134,82%
BurgundyMugneret GibourgBourgogne Rouge200875059,96 €33,96 €130,62%
ChampagneChartogne TailletVintage Brut200675075,74 €31,81 €72,41%
BurgundyLaurent DominiqueMazis Chambertin Vieilles Vignes2010750157,80 €62,62 €65,79%
BurgundyBarthodChambolle Musigny les Charmes1999750208,29 €79,98 €62,33%
PiedmontMascarello MauroBarolo Monprivato20071.500331,38 €115,68 €53,63%
BurgundyDeleger GeorgesChevalier Montrachet1988750126,24 €43,07 €51,79%
US-CaliforniaWilliams Selyem VineyardPinot Noir Central Coast200375050,50 €16,93 €50,43%
BurgundyDrouhin JosephGevrey Chambertin Lavaux St Jacques201175052,07 €16,07 €44,64%

Zachys Wine Auction New York 2022-12-09 Best Performers Top 50

RegionVineyardWineVintageSizeCurrent PriceDifferencePerformance
RhoneGuigalCondrieu la Doriane201375065,09 €23,42 €56,20%
RhoneDomaine la MordoreeChateauneuf du Pape Cuvee la Reine Bois20011.500260,37 €88,20 €51,23%
BurgundyFaiveleyNuits St Georges Clos de la Marechale199975064,38 €20,67 €47,29%
BordeauxGrand Puy LacosteGrand Puy Lacoste20051.500246,17 €71,17 €40,67%
BordeauxBeauregardBeauregard198275039,45 €10,15 €34,64%
AustriaKracher AloisChardonnay Trockenbeerenauslese Nouvelle Vague 7199537537,87 €9,47 €33,35%
CampanienImparatoMontevetrano200975056,81 €13,48 €31,11%
BurgundyGaunoux MichelPommard Les Rugiens201075085,21 €19,85 €30,37%
ToscanaLisiniBrunello di Montalcino200675056,81 €12,52 €28,27%
BordeauxPlincePlince200775020,51 €4,51 €28,19%
BurgundyHudelot NoellatChambolle Musigny les Charmes201475075,74 €15,74 €26,23%
BurgundyPonsotClos St Denis Vieilles Vignes20111.500615,41 €122,11 €24,75%
BurgundyFaiveleyClos des Cortons1985750205,14 €40,01 €24,23%
BurgundyGros AnneClos de Vougeot le Grand Maupertui2012750170,42 €30,42 €21,73%
BurgundyGros AnneClos de Vougeot le Grand Maupertui2000750189,36 €32,37 €20,62%
BurgundyArlaudMorey St Denis les Millandes201575066,28 €10,28 €18,36%
BurgundyRoty JMazis Chambertin2008750246,17 €35,06 €16,61%
BurgundyJadot LouisMusigny1997750410,28 €57,53 €16,31%
BurgundyRamonetBienvenue Batard Montrachet2012750615,41 €83,16 €15,62%
LoireLadoucettePouilly Fume201075026,51 €3,51 €15,26%
BurgundyDrouhin JosephBeaune Clos des Mouches Blanc2014750118,35 €14,93 €14,44%
BurgundyBize SimonSavigny les Beaune201475053,65 €6,31 €13,33%
PiedmontMascarello MauroBarolo Monprivato2010750142,02 €16,32 €12,98%
ChampagneDeutzBlanc de Blancs201575045,45 €5,12 €12,70%
BurgundyVougeraieNuits St Georges Damodes199975031,56 €3,36 €11,91%
BurgundyDugat ClaudeGevrey Chambertin2016750132,55 €12,55 €10,46%
BurgundyBouchard Pere et FilsSavigny Beaune Lavieres201075034,72 €3,16 €10,01%
BordeauxChateau La CabanneLa Cabanne201075020,83 €1,89 €9,98%
BurgundyDrouhin JosephClos St Denis201175099,94 €9,06 €9,97%
PortugalTaylorVintage Port201175094,68 €8,01 €9,24%
ChampagneGonet MedevilleTradition170075022,72 €1,68 €7,98%
BurgundyFevre WilliamChablis les Clos20131.500132,55 €9,78 €7,97%
BordeauxCos d'EstournelCos d'Estournel19751.500170,42 €12,09 €7,64%
ChampagneCedric BouchardBlanc de Noirs Inflorescence Roses de Jeanne2011750132,55 €8,39 €6,76%
La RiojaMugaTorre Muga Reserva199675049,23 €2,57 €5,51%
BurgundyPonsotGriottes Chambertin2000750189,36 €9,86 €5,49%
BurgundyDomaine des CroixBeaune Pertuisots201275033,14 €1,58 €5,01%
JuraGanevatChardonnay Cuvee Julien201175055,23 €2,56 €4,86%
La RiojaLopez de HerediaVina Bosconia Gran Reserva1976750189,36 €8,73 €4,83%
BurgundyMortet DenisGevrey Chambertin Au Velle1997750198,83 €8,83 €4,65%
BordeauxHaut MarbuzetHaut Marbuzet198275099,41 €4,40 €4,63%
BurgundyPernot PPuligny Montrachet les Folatieres201275054,10 €2,39 €4,62%
US-CaliforniaMartinelliPinot Noir Bondi Home Ranch Water Trough Vineyard201475034,72 €1,31 €3,92%
ChampagnePhilipponnatClos des Goisses1999750189,36 €6,03 €3,29%
BurgundyChateau Genot BoulangerPommard201775029,98 €0,92 €3,17%
BurgundyDrouhin JosephCharmes Chambertin2011750113,61 €3,36 €3,05%
Castile en LeonHacienda MonasterioCrianza201375034,72 €1,02 €3,03%
BurgundyGouges HenriNuits St Georges St Georges2010750123,09 €3,09 €2,58%
BurgundyDrouhin JosephVosne Romanee Petits Monts2008750208,30 €4,57 €2,24%
BurgundyRoumier GeorgesMorey St Denis Clos de la Bussiere2003750265,10 €5,46 €2,10%

During this wine trading day the highest share of the wines with 3.326 bottles or about 50,97 % came from the wine region of Burgundy.

With a total of 9,06 % or 591 bottles it was set in first place in trading volume by wine lovers. The most wanted single wine was the 2005 La Mission Haut Brion in a 750 ml bottle. With more than 0,64 % of total offers roundabout 42 wine bottles this wine was clearly the most popular wine. The usually most sought vintage at this wine trading day was the 2010 vintage, with 442 bottles or 6,77 %, thus the vintage got the first position. The 750 ml size achieved 91,31 % or 5.959 bottles in this fine wine auction. Trading volume of lots with 12, were traded most. The most expensive wine in this fine wine auction came from Burgundy. One wine bottle Domaine de la Romanee Conti - Romanee Conti vintage 1999 in a 1.500 ml bottle could be sold for 52.088,27 € per bottle. The most affordable wine values were 24 wine bottles Climens vintage 1988 auctioned in the 375 ml bottle. The new owner had to pay 27,62 € per bottle.

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Just like a portfolio for stocks and bonds - only with us for wines - including a wine cellar management - all prices are immediately analysed and processed, the wine cellars of our users are updated at the same time and their value is recalculated.

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We can't show every wine here with a new rating - we do that on our wine price databases. But as an example we show some of the most important wineries and wines whose prices have been updated today.

2005 La Mission Haut Brion, Domaine de la Romanee Conti Romanee Conti 1999 Magnum (1.500ml),Chateau Climens 1988, 2017 Lafarge Michel Volnay Clos des Ducs,2014 Foucault Clos Rougeard Poyeux, Domaine de la Romanee Conti La Tache 2005, Pahlmeyer Cabernet Sauvignon Caldwell Vineyard 1986,1977 Croft Vintage Port


The highest worth in this wine auction came from Burgundy.

One wine bottle Domaine de la Romanee Conti Romanee Conti vintage 1999 in a 1.500ml magnum changed hands for 52.088,27 €.

One bottle Domaine de la Romanee Conti Romanee Conti Vintage 2005 in a 1.500ml magnum the hammer fell for 52.088,27 € per bottle.

Third rank to the topic wine prices is the Domaine de la Romanee Conti La Tache from the vintage 2005. This wine optained a value of 39.776,49 € for the 3.000ml double magnum.

Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-12-09
+6,09 %
Total Performance
+158,80 %
Wine Auction Prices - Domaine de la Romanee Conti - Romanee Conti 1999
Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-12-09
+8,47 %
Total Performance
+215,22 %
Wine Auction Prices - Domaine de la Romanee Conti - Romanee Conti 2005
Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-12-09
+5,53 %
Total Performance
+113,96 %
Wine Auction Prices - Domaine de la Romanee Conti - La Tache 2005

Picture: Zachys Wine Auctions Screenshot