Zachys Wine Auction New York 2021-02-08 most lots sold

Zachys Wine Auction New York 2021-02-08 most lots sold

The wine trading day on Monday the 2021-02-08 at Zachys Wine Auction Online attained wine investors, wine dealers and wine collectors from all over the world.

More then 448 wine lots were auctioned, the tradingvolume, without mixed lots and listed at Wine-Stocks, was 1.474 bottles. The listed price volume was 270.827,70 €, again without mixed lots, the average wine bottle price was 183,74 €.

The largest share of the complete range at the wine trading day, got wines from the wine region Bordeaux.

Bordeaux provided 540 bottles or converted 36,64 % from all trades at this wine trading day. The most popular vintage at this trading day was the 2009 vintage with 130 bottles. The most expensive wine in this wine auction came from Toscana.

One bottle Montevertine – Le Pergole Torte vintage 2006 in a 6.000 ml bottle changed the owner for 1.663,20 € per single bottle.

The second place or a converted 19,13 % of the offers came from US-California. 282 bottles US-California were sold in the auction.

The second best single wine was the 2009 Sauzet Etienne – Puligny Montrachet Champs Canet in a 750 ml wine bottle.

The third place in wine regions was awarded to Burgundy with 230 or 15,60 % of the total dealing volume.

The single wine with the third highest fine wine price, was a Petrus, 1992 vintage, with a price of 1.330,56 € for a single 750 ml wine bottle.

The second place in the topic of wine maximum prices, comes from Rhone.

One bottle Chave Jean Louis – Hermitage Vintage 2001 in a 3.000 ml bottle changed hands for 1.413,72 € per unit

Ron Freund – Master Sommelier


Bild: Pixabay – Donations_are_appreciated