Wine auction at Zachys Wine Auction New York 10 December 2020

Wine auction at Zachys Wine Auction New York 10 December 2020

An investment in wines was put to the test again, another wine auction at Zachys Wine Auction in New York, Thursday 10 December 2020

The auction of top wines Zachys Wine Auction NY on 10.12.20 could again attract some wine investors from all over the world. In the database of Collectors Value 942 different lots were stored, an auction volume of 6,614 wine bottles, without mixed lots, was calculated. The traded volume was € 3,572,432.02, the average price of a wine bottle sold at auction was € 540.13.

One bottle of Lafite vintage 1811 in the 750ml wine bottle got a new owner for 24.662,81 €

This wine, which comes from Bordeaux, thus reached the highest wine value in the wine auction

The wine which could reach the second highest wine price was the 1870 Lafite. One bottle was auctioned and generated a price of € 15,683.04 per 750ml bottle

The wine that reached the third place in the wine price ranking is a 1806 Lafite with a wine auction price of € 15,619.48 for the 750ml bottle.

The 2005 vintage has been recognised as the most traded vintage in this wine auction and came first with a total of 486 bottles or 7.35%. Of the 750ml bottle size, 94.01 % or 6,218 bottles came under the hammer

12-bottle containers, was the most traded

The 2000 vintage achieved the second most points of trade, 485 bottles of this vintage changed wine connoisseurs

The 2009 vintage achieved the third most trading points, 389 wine bottles from this vintage changed wine connoisseurs. The trade quantity three was the third most frequent in the different lots, the bottle size 375ml could prove 36 sold bottles

Picture: Zachys Wine Auction - public catalogue