The winner takes it all, 2010 Harlan Estate – The Maiden breaks all wine price records

The winner takes it all, 2010 Harlan Estate – The Maiden breaks all wine price records

Fine wine auction  Veilingsylvies Wine Auctions on Tuesday 2021-04-27.

Three bottles of 2010 Harlan Estate – The Maiden in a size 750 ml, changed hands for 233,33 €.

With a lot of prospective the price of wine climbed until 233,33 € per 750 ml wine bottle and was able to achieve this world record for wine prices. Since the last wine price on the 2021-02-26 at Hart Davis Hart Wine Auction in which a wine value of 183,33 € was reached, the current performance is at +27,27 % or 50,00 €.

In the wine auction database of Wine-Stocks 2.768 different lots were saved. 

A auction volume of more than 11.694 bottles, without mixed lots, was founded. The sold wine price volume arrived at 1.747.040,25 €. The average of a traded bottle was 149,40 €.

During this wine trading day the biggest share of the trading volume by 46,05 % came from the fine wine region of Bordeaux. 5.385 bottles came from Bordeaux into the wine auction.

One bottle of Foucault – Clos Rougeard Breze vintage 2009 in a bottle size 750 ml, changed hands for 210,00 €. Since the last wine price on the 2021-03-25 at I-deal Encheres Vins which attained a wine value of 180,00 €, the instantaneous increase in value is 30,00 € or +16,67 %.

2015 Mascarello Giuseppe – Barolo Monprivato in a 750 ml wine bottle, came up with a wine value of 146,67 € and set a all time high price. This corresponds to a total price increase of 6,67 € or +4,76 %.

The second place or a converted 21,52 % of the offers came from Burgundy. 2.517 wine bottles Burgundy were sold in the fine wine auction.

The third place in wine regions was awarded to Toscana with 839 or 7,17 % of the total trading volume.

The winery Mouton Rothschild from Bordeaux were most wanted. With a total of 1,71 % or 200 bottles it has won first place. The most popular single wine was the 2016 Othello in a 750 ml wine bottle. 

With more than 0,51 % of total offers roundabout 60 bottles this wine was clearly the most popular wine. The usually most sought vintage at this wine trading day was the 2015 vintage, with 672 bottles or 5,75 %, therefore the vintage got the first place. 

The 750 ml bottle size achieved 95,14 % or 11.126 bottles in this fine wine auction. Units of 12, were traded most. The most expensive wine in this auction came from Burgundy.

In this wine auction the 2015th vintage was most wanted. With a total of 672 bottles or 5,75 % he achieved the first rank. In the 750 ml bootle size 95,14 % or 11.126 bottles changed hands. 12th units, were most traded.

One wine bottle Domaine de la Romanee Conti – Romanee Conti vintage 2006 in a 750 ml wine bottle got a new wine lover for 13.000,00 € per unit.

Second rank in the wine price ranking came from Burgundy. One wine bottle Henri Jayer Vosne Romanee Cros Parantoux vintage 1999 in a 750 ml bottle of fine wine was auctioned for 13.000,00 € per bottle.

Third rank in the wine value ranking is the Henri Jayer Echezeaux from the vintage 1990.

This wine got a value of 7.400,00 € for the 750 ml bottle.


Picture: Pixabay – michaelvave