Sterlin Wine Auction – Results & Analysis 2022-10-12

Sterlin Wine Auction – Results & Analysis 2022-10-12

Sterlin Wine Auctions 2022-10-12 - more then 3.672 lots were offered and the wine auction closed with some remarkable results.

Wednesday the 2022-10-12 end of the trading weeks at Sterlin Wine Auctions.

  • The listed more then 3.672 different lots.
  • The tradingvolume, without mixed lots and listed at the, was 3.679 wine bottles.
  • The detected volume in prices was 348.176,00 €, mixed lots not included
  • The average wine bottle price was 94,64 €.

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We can't show every wine here with a new rating - we do that on our wine price databases. But as an example we show some of the most important wineries and wines whose prices have been updated today.

2021 Giant Steps Chardonnay, Penfolds - Bin 60A 1962, Marchesi Mazzei Vermentino Belguardo 2020, Penfolds Grange 1997, 1967 Penfolds Grange, 2017 Penfolds Grange, Moss Wood Cabernet Sauvignon, 2004, 2004 D'Arenberg The Footbolt Shiraz,

During this wine trading weeks 1.412 bottles and thus the highest part of the trading volume by 38,38 % came from the top wine region of Australia-SA.

The wines from the winery Penfolds from Australia-SA found the greatest demand from the wine collectors. With a total of 9,40 % or 346 wine bottles it was set in first place in trading volume by wine lovers. The most popular single wine was the 2021 Giant Steps - Chardonnay in a 750 ml wine bottle. With more than 0,43 % of the trade amount roundabout 16 wine bottles this wine was clearly the most popular wine.

The usually most sought vintage at this trading day was the 2018 vintage, with 538 wine bottles or 14,62 %, therefore the vintage got the first position. The 750 ml size achieved 96,82 % or 3.562 wine bottles in this fine wine auction.

Second in the trading volume reached the appellation Australia-WA. 508 bottles or otherwise calculated 13,81 % of the wines stemmed from that designation. With a part of 2,34 % the winery Henschke had been ranked second. 86 bottles from this winery were sold. The 1997 Penfolds - Grange occupied the second place at the single wines. 16 bottles were sold.

The vintage 2019 scored the second highest dealing points, 443 wine bottles from this vintage changed the wine connoisseurs. The trading lots of eight occurred on second most in the various lots, from the bottle size 1.500 ml, 76 wine bottles could be auctioned. The single wine, with the second most wine auction value was the 1967 Penfolds - Grange, one bottle was auctioned and achieved a value of 2.319,00 € per 750 ml bottle. The wine of the second cheapest wine value came from Toscana, nine bottles Marchesi Mazzei - Sicilia Zisola vintage 2020 changed wine lovers for 9,00 € per 750 ml bottle.

The most expensive wine in this auction came from Australia-SA.

  • One bottle Penfolds - Bin 60A vintage 1962 in a 750 ml bottle got a new owner for 7.961,00 €.

Sold for the lowest value were four wine bottles Of Marchesi Mazzei - Vermentino Belguardo vintage 2020 per 750 ml bottle. The new owner had to pay only 8,00 € for the unit.

  • The second place in the topic of wine maximum prices, comes from Australia-SA. One wine bottle Penfolds - Grange Vintage 1967 in a 750 ml wine bottle got an new owner for 2.319,00 € per bottle.

Nine wine bottles Marchesi Mazzei - Sicilia Zisola Jahrgang 2020 nine were traded, for 9,00 € per 750 ml bottle.

On of the wines sold for a very reasonalble price is a 2004th D'Arenberg - The Footbolt Shiraz with a wine value of 10,00 € for a 750 ml bottle.

Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-10-12
+10,99 %
Total Performance
+438,37 %
Wine Auction Prices - Penfolds - Bin 60A 1962
Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-10-12
+11,55 %
Total Performance
+1.768,96 %
Wine Auction Prices - Penfolds - Grange 1967
Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-10-12
-18,12 %
Total Performance
-31,83 %
Wine Auction Prices - Moss Wood - Cabernet Sauvignon 2004