Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions 2022-07-10 Results & Analysis

Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions 2022-07-10 Results & Analysis

Sunday the 2022-07-10 at Bruun Rasmussen - End of the Wine Auction Week - Results & Analysis.

The  - works like a portfolio manager for stocks and shares, only for fine wines and we analyse over a billion different wines worldwide.
We scan over 12,000 wineries with well over 100,000 different wines. We process and analyse all vintages from 1700 onwards and all common bottle sizes.

  • During the wine trading week at Bruun Rasmussen more then 300 wine lots were sold.
  • The Wine.Network could store, analyse and process 215 different lots.
  • The listed volume of bottles, without mixed lots, was 691 bottles.
  • The listed price volume was 127.376,90 €
  • The average wine bottle value was 184,34 €.

During this wine trading day 199 lots or converted 28,80 % came from the wine region of Burgundy.

The wines from the winery Drouhin Laroze from Burgundy found the greatest demand from the wine collectors.

The most wanted single wine was the 2013 Mate Rosso di Montalcino in a 750 ml wine bottle.

The most coveted vintage at this long trading day was the 2013 vintage, with 106 bottles or 15,34 %,

Bruun Rassmussen Wine Auction 2022-07-10 Statistic Analysis & Results

 Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions 2022-07-17 
Trading Volume691
Price Volume127.376,90 €
Bottle Average184,34 €
Most Wanted RegionBurgundy28,80%
Most Wanted VineyardDrouhin Laroze4,92%
San Giusto a Rentennano4,34%
Dönnhoff H3,04%
Piuze Patrick2,89%
Most Wanted WineMate Rosso di Montalcino 20133,47%
Piuze Patrik Chablis Blanchot 20162,60%
Raymond Lafon 20161,74%
Drouhin Laroze Gevrey Chambertin 20131,74%
Most Wanted Vintage201315,34%
Most Wanted Size75092,04%
Most Wanted Quantity150,23%
Most Expensiv WineDomaine Bizot Vosne Romanee Elise Fermouche 20153.226,00 €
Petrus 19892.822,00 €
Petrus 20062.240,00 €
DRC Romanee Conti 19742.218,00 €
Veuve Cliquot Vintage Reserve (3000ml)1.882,00 €
Cheapest WineMate Rosso di Montalcino 20137,83 €
I Campi Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore 20139,50 €
Accomero Barbera del Monferrato Bricco Battista 201112,33 €
Allees de Cantemerle 201614,00 €

The Wine.Network can store, analyse and process thousands of wine auctions daily and we receive thousands of new auction results and valuations from all wine auctions worldwide.

Just like a portfolio for stocks and bonds - only with us for wines - including a wine cellar management - all prices are immediately analysed and processed, the wine cellars of our users are updated at the same time and their value is recalculated.

We can't show every wine here with a new rating - we do that on our wine price databases. But as an example we show some of the most important wineries and wines whose prices have been updated today.

Important wines and vinyards like:

Bizot Vosne Romanee Elise Fermouche 2015, Mate Rosso di Montalcino 2013, San Giusto a Rentennan 2016 Piuze Patrick Chablis Blanchot 2017 Raymond Lafon, Petrus, 2006, 2011 Accornero Barbera del Monferrato Bricco Battista, - received new valuations and, as with a portfolio for shares and bonds - only for wines, with a wine cellar management - all prices were immediately analysed and processed, the wine cellars of our users were simultaneously updated and their value recalculated.

Bruun Rassmussen Wine Auction 2022-07-10 Best Performer Top 40

Australia-SAMollydookerShiraz The Velvet Glove2016750110,78%
BurgundyCoquard Loison FleurotEchezeaux201875077,22%
BurgundyEnte ArnaudMeursault20171.50070,96%
BurgundyDamoy PChambertin200275066,59%
BurgundyLeflaivePuligny Montrachet les Combettes201375065,04%
BurgundyLiger BelairVosne Romanee La Colombiere200875059,29%
BurgundyDomaine FourrierGevrey Chambertin201875056,35%
BurgundyDomaine du Clos FrantinVosne Romanee Malconsorts201575050,40%
BurgundyMorey Colin PYChassagne Montrachet les Caillerets201575045,47%
BurgundyBizotVosne Romanee201575042,91%
BurgundyLeflaivePuligny Montrachet les Pucelles201275041,15%
BordeauxTroplong MondotTroplong Mondot200075035,81%
BordeauxRaymond LafonRaymond Lafon201675033,35%
BurgundyMorey Colin PYChevalier Montrachet201175031,34%
BurgundyLeflaiveBienvenue Batard Montrachet201375027,93%
BurgundyCathiard SylvainNuits St Georges Aux Thorey201775020,00%
BurgundyLucien Le MoineCorton201075019,88%
BordeauxGruaud LaroseGruaud Larose200075017,83%
BurgundyAmiot ServelleCharmes Chambertin201375017,50%
BurgundyLeflaiveBatard Montrachet200975014,68%
BurgundyDrouhin LarozeClos de Vougeot201375013,20%
BordeauxRayne VigneauRayne Vigneau197675012,22%
BordeauxBrane CantenacBrane Cantenac201475011,96%
BurgundyAmpeau RobertMeursault Perrieres199675011,85%
BurgundyCathiard SylvainVosne Romanee les Malconsorts20097509,25%
BurgundyDujacClos de la Roche20177509,06%
BurgundyLeflaivePuligny Montrachet Clavillon20157508,87%
BurgundyLignier HubertClos de la Roche20157507,72%
BordeauxPape ClementPape Clement20037506,46%
BurgundyLeflaiveMeursault Sous Dos D'Ane20137506,40%
BurgundyCyrot ButhiauBourgogne20167506,38%
BordeauxLeoville PoyferreLeoville Poyferre20037505,38%
BurgundyLeflaivePuligny Montrachet Clavillon20167504,96%
BordeauxPagodes de CosPagodes de Cos20167502,37%
BurgundyComtes LafonMeursault Desiree20177502,22%
BurgundyCathiard SylvainNuits St Georges Aux Thorey20087500,44%
BurgundyAmpeau RobertMeursault Perrieres19957500,42%

The highest value in this wine auction came from Burgundy.

One bottle Domaine Bizot Vosne Romanee Elise Fermouche 2015 in a 750 ml wine bottle got a new wine lover for 3.226,00 € per unit.

A 1989 Chateau Petrus was sold and got a wine price of 2.822,00 € per 750 ml bottles.

A Petrus 2006 achieved a valuation of 2.240,00 € for the 750 ml bottle.

Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-07-10
+108,00 %
Total Performance
+1.606,88 %
Wine Auction Prices - Domaine Bizot Vosne Romanee Elise Fermouche 2015
Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-07-10
+6,25 %
Total Performance
+329,25 %
Wine Auction Prices - Petrus 1989
Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-07-10
+1,64 %
Total Performance
+28,00 %
Wine Auction Prices - Petrus 2006