Bruun Rasmussen Wine Auction 20 November 2020 Results and analyses

Bruun Rasmussen Wine Auction 20 November 2020 Results and analyses

Pleasing world record for wine prices Armand Rousseau - Chambertin vintage 2007 achieves top price

Never before has a higher price been paid at a wine auction. One bottle of 2007 Armand Rousseau - Chambertin in the 750ml bottle, cost its new owner, at the Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions wine auction, € 1,613.00 per bottle. The previous maximum price for the Armand Rousseau - Chambertin, vintage 2007 in the 750ml bottle, was € 1,545.00 up to now and was recorded on 11 October 20 at the Bruun Rasmussen Wine Auctions in Kobenhavn. Thus this wine records a jump in profits of +27,48 % or € 347,67.

The auction of top wines Bruun Rasmussen Wine Auctions on 20.11.20 again attracted many wine collectors from all over the world. In the database of Collectors-Value 368 different offers were stored, a wine trade volume of 1,122 wine bottles, without mixed lots, was calculated. The achieved sales volume was € 149,322.14, the average wine price of a traded wine bottle was € 133.09

At this wine auction in the auction room equipped with screens and many chairs, the largest part of the trading volume of 37.34% came from the Bordeaux wine region. From this wine region alone, 419 bottles came to the wine auction. The Pontet Canet winery from Bordeaux was the most traded. With a total share of 2.58% or 29 bottles, it took first place. The most popular single wine was the 2005 Phelan Segur in the 750ml wine bottle. With more than 1.07% of the total, the equivalent of twelve bottles, this wine was clearly the most popular.

Another wine price world record was set by the Bruun Rasmussen Wine Auction on Friday 20 November 2020. For the record value of € 255.00 per bottle in a 1-bottle container, an increase of +28.57%, converted, € 56.67, the Conterno Giacomo - Barolo Cascina Francia vintage 2007 changed hands very satisfactorily, the wine lover. The penultimate price was saved on Friday, 21.08.2020 in Chicago at the Hart Davis Hart Wine Auction with 198,33 €.

The most expensive wine in the auction comes from Burgundy. One bottle Armand Rousseau - Chambertin vintage 2010 in the 750ml bottle could be auctioned for 2.150,00 € per bottle

A wine bottle Petrus vintage 2007 in the 750ml bottle got a new owner for 1.680,00 €

Third place on the topic of maximum wine prices was taken by an Armand Rousseau - Chambertin from the 2007 vintage with a wine value of € 1,613.00 for the 750ml bottle

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