Artcurial Encheres des Vins, Fine Wine Auction Paris 2022-06-23/24 “Restaurant Laurent”

Artcurial Encheres des Vins, Fine Wine Auction Paris 2022-06-23/24 “Restaurant Laurent”

The wine experts in the wine department of the Famous French Auction House "Artcurial"

have left nothing to chance and were able to win over arguably one of the best wine cellars in the world, for a wine auction.

The wine experts describe the story around the restaurant, the family and the outstanding wine cellar as follows:

"It’s a pleasure and honour for us to present the contents of the cellar
of the famous gastronomic restaurant Laurent located in Paris’s
golden triangle on auction. In the midst of the bustling city, with its
unique location in the gardens of the rond-point des Champs-Élysées,
this peaceful haven is emblematic of France’s culture.
The restaurant and its prestigious past takes us back in history. It
was at first a hunting pavilion during Louis XIV’s reign and became
an open-air restaurant and dance hall during the French

"In1860, it was named after its manager, le Laurent was born.
The restaurants cellar is well known for the richness of its selection.
It is a tribute to the selection of Philippe Bourguignon, retired
director who was the “man” of the house for nearly 40 years, after
having been elected best French Sommelier in 1978. Quintessence of
finesse, elegance, the wines are the perfect image of their terroir. The
bottles were cellared in perfect conditions in three underground
cellars under the restaurant. The first for white wines and
Champagnes, the second for the reds, and the third one locked safely
behind bars, with very limited access, where the most prestigious
wines were kept for ageing.
Over 7,500 bottles, with some of the most reputable wines in the word,
and seven emblematic pieces of service furniture are presented in this
catalogue. They will be sold during two sessions on June 23rd and 24th
at 2 pm ........." Please read on here

979 lots from these incredible wine cellar were up for sale and with the selection of wines, bottle sizes and vintages, it was completely understandable that once again in this auction, top prices would be pulverised and price records outbid.

Artcurial Wine Auction Paris 2022-06-23/24 Best Performers Top 100

HungaryPajzosAszu Eszencia1993375325,47%
BurgundyRaveneauChablis les Clos2016750119,94%
ElsassDomaine Zind HumbrechtTokay Pinot Gris Clos Windsbuhl200475089,19%
BurgundyLamy Hubert et OlivierSt Aubin les Murgers des Dents de Chien20151.50084,77%
ProvenceDomaine de TrevallonBouches du Rhone Rouge200975083,05%
BurgundyLamy Hubert et OlivierSt Aubin les Murgers des Dents de Chien20161.50080,34%
BurgundyBouchard Pere et FilsCorton200375079,83%
BurgundyChateau De La TourClos de Vougeot Vieilles Vignes200675073,83%
RhoneChave Jean LouisHermitage Blanc201275073,46%
BurgundyMugneret GibourgRuchottes Chambertin200775072,86%
RhoneChave Jean LouisHermitage19971.50062,87%
LoireFoucaultClos Rougeard le Clos201375062,50%
BurgundySauzet EtienneBatard Montrachet200275061,33%
RhoneVernay GeorgesCote Rotie201575061,11%
RhoneChave Jean LouisHermitage Blanc20051.50060,71%
BurgundyTrapet Pere et FilsChambertin201675059,63%
BurgundyMugneret GibourgClos de Vougeot201675058,73%
BordeauxSmith Haut Lafitte BlancSmith Haut Lafitte Blanc201275057,97%
LoireFoucaultClos Rougeard Poyeux201275057,14%
BurgundyBoillot HenryPuligny Montrachet201675055,15%
BordeauxLa ConseillanteLa Conseillante201575054,65%
BordeauxChateau MargauxChateau Margaux193775054,11%
BurgundyBoillot HenryPommard Rugiens201375053,63%
BurgundyComtes LafonMeursault Charmes201775051,96%
RhoneVernay GeorgesCote Rotie201675051,28%
BurgundyMugneret GibourgVosne Romanee201675051,25%
PiedmontVoerzio RobertoBarolo la Serra200475051,17%
GermanyMüller EgonScharzhofberger Riesling Auslese200637550,75%
ElsassTrimbachRiesling Clos St Hune200675050,00%
JuraDomaine MacleChateau Chalon199875047,06%
LoireFoucaultClos Rougeard Breze201375046,67%
RhoneChave Jean LouisHermitage Blanc200775046,28%
BurgundyTrapet JLLatricieres Chambertin201575044,06%
BurgundyDomaine D'EugenieVosne Romanee Aux Brulees201375042,86%
BordeauxLagrange St JulienLagrange St Julien200975042,36%
RhoneChave Jean LouisHermitage20131.50040,78%
ElsassDomaine Zind HumbrechtRiesling Clos St Urbain200475040,73%
BurgundyMugneret GibourgClos de Vougeot201775040,10%
BurgundyMortet DenisChambertin201175038,44%
ElsassDeiss MarcelSchoenenbourg200575038,35%
BurgundyDuband DavidChambertin201075037,45%
RhoneChave Jean LouisHermitage20081.50037,36%
BurgundyChateau De La TourClos de Vougeot Vieilles Vignes200875037,32%
BurgundyComtes LafonVolnay Santenots du Milieu201675037,22%
BurgundyRaveneauChablis Valmur201675033,94%
BurgundyMortet DenisGevrey Chambertin Mes Cinq Terroirs201775033,93%
BordeauxDuhart Milon RothschildDuhart Milon Rothschild200675033,33%
BurgundyMugneret GibourgEchezeaux201675033,22%
RhoneChateau des ToursCotes du Rhone Blanc201575031,87%
BurgundyChateau De La TourClos de Vougeot Vieilles Vignes200775031,81%
BurgundyRousseau AMazis Chambertin201775031,78%
BurgundyDrouhin JosephBeaune Clos des Mouches201675031,23%
BurgundyLeflaiveBienvenue Batard Montrachet200675031,08%
BurgundyTrapet Pere et FilsChambertin200675030,43%
BordeauxMouton RothschildMouton Rothschild200175030,00%
RhoneBeaucastelChateauneuf du Pape Hommage A Jacques Perrin200775030,00%
BurgundyNiellon MChevalier Montrachet200175028,72%
BurgundyMugneret GibourgClos de Vougeot201475027,86%
BurgundyLeflaiveBienvenue Batard Montrachet200075027,50%
BurgundyLamy Hubert et OlivierSt Aubin Clos de la Chateniere201775025,16%
BurgundyTrapet Pere et FilsChambertin201575024,84%
BordeauxHaut BrionHaut Brion200975023,14%
BurgundyComtes LafonVolnay Clos des Chenes201175022,70%
BurgundyRaveneauChablis Blanchots201575021,78%
BurgundyDomaine D'EugenieVosne Romanee Aux Brulees201475021,73%
BurgundyComtes LafonMeursault Charmes201675021,43%
BurgundyChateau de ChamireyMercurey201675021,21%
BurgundyLeflaiveBienvenue Batard Montrachet200375020,91%
BurgundyDomaine de la Romanee ContiRichebourg201675020,46%
BordeauxPape ClementPape Clement200775020,45%
BurgundyRousseau ACharmes Chambertin201475020,19%
LanguedocDomaine de MontcalmesCoteaux du Languedoc Rouge201675020,01%
BurgundyBoillot HenryPommard Rugiens201575019,35%
LanguedocDomaine Peyre RoseClos des Cistes200375019,04%
BurgundyDomaine de la Romanee ContiCorton201675018,86%
ChampagneAgrapart et FilsBlanc de Blancs Mineral201375018,55%
BurgundyRousseau AChambertin201375018,00%
RhoneChave Jean LouisHermitage201375017,94%
BurgundyRaveneauChablis les Clos201475017,44%
BurgundyJobard AntoineMeursault Poruzots201775017,39%
BurgundyArlaudClos St Denis200775017,33%
BurgundySauzet EtiennePuligny Montrachet les Combettes201575017,29%
LoireDomaine Roches NeuvesSaumur Champigny Terres Chaudes201675017,26%

Wine Auction Artcurial - Statistic Analyse

  • During this fine wine auction the largest part - 2.020 wine bottles  - came from the Famous Wine Region Burgundy
  • The winery Chave Jean Louis from Rhone were most wanted.
  • The most popular single wine was the 2015 D'Escurac in a 750 ml bottle.
  • The best vintage at this long trading day was the 2016 vintage, with 794 wine bottles

The Wine.Network

We work like a portfolio manager for stocks and shares, only for fine wines and we analyse over a billion different wines worldwide.
We scan over 12,000 wineries with well over 100,000 different wines. We process and analyse all vintages from 1700 onwards and all common bottle sizes.

After ascertaining the auction results from Artcurial's Wine Auction, we were able to add 730 new wine values and we updated all the new valuations to our data, the wine cellars of our users are updated at the same time and their value is recalculated.

The listed price volume at The was 1.235.171,09 €, without mixed lots and Spirits

The volume of bottles, without mixed lots and listed at the was 5.539 bottles.

The listed average wine value of 223,00 € per auctioned bottle.

We can't show every wine here with a new rating - we do that on our wine price databases. But as an example we show some of the most important wineries and wines whose prices have been updated today.

Morot Albert Beaune les Teurons 2014, 2016 Raveneau Chablis Montee de Tonnerre, 2015 Domaine de la Romanee Conti Montrachet, Clos Menuts Clos Manou 2013, Domaine Comtes Lafon, 2017 Raveneau Chablis les Butteaux, Domaine de la Romanee Conti Montrachet 2014,  2014 D'Escurac, Chave Jean Louis

The most expensive wine in this auction came from Burgundy.

One wine bottle Domaine de la Romanee Conti Romanee Conti vintage 2016 in a 750 ml bottle changed the owner for 18.000,00 € per unit.

A Domaine de la Romanee Conti Montrachet 2015 in a 750 ml bottle  - the hammer fell for 8.800,00 €

A 750 ml bottle Domaine de la Romanee Conti Montrachet vintage 2014 reached a value of 8.400,00 €

Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-06-24
+19,52 %
Total Performance
+63,64 %
Wine Auction Prices - Domaine de la Romanee Conti - Romanee Conti 2016
Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-06-24
+15,37 %
Total Performance
+69,79 %
Wine Auction Prices - Domaine de la Romanee Conti - Montrachet 2015
Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-06-24
+18,14 %
Total Performance
+116,35 %
Wine Auction Prices - Domaine de la Romanee Conti - Montrachet 2014