2006 Jean Paul Jamet Cote Rotie breaks all wine price records

2006 Jean Paul Jamet Cote Rotie breaks all wine price records

Monday 2022-10-24 results of the trading week at WineBid Wine Auctions

One wine bottle of Jean Paul Jamet Cote Rotie 2006 in a size 750 ml, changed wine lover for 235,00 € and reached a new wine maximum price. Since the last wine price on the 2022-08-31 at I-deal Encheres Vins which attained a fine wine price of 162,00 €, the momentary price increase is 73,00 € or +45,06 %.

Monday 2022-10-24 - even more Wine Price Records at WineBid Wine Auctions

Another bottle of Jean Paul Jamet Cote Rotie now the vintage 2016 (750ml), changed hands for 175,00 €. and reached the second maximum wine price in this fine wine auction. Since the last wine price on the 2022-08-31 at I-deal Encheres Vins which obtained a wine value of 120,00 €, the momentary performance is 55,00 € or +45,83 %.

2016 Oberto Andrea Barolo in a 750 ml wine bottle, came up with a value of 29,00 € and was able to set the third all time high price. This corresponds to a total appreciation of 3,00 € or +11,54 %.

The Wine.Network

A long traiding day of WineBid Wine Auctions on 2022-10-24 invites interested bidders from all over the world.

  • In the wine price database of the wine.network 3.043 different lots were listed ans processed.
  • A wine trading volume of more than 5.454 bottles, without mixed lots, was founded. The analysed wine price volume was 766.555,04 €.
  • The average wine price of a auctioned wine bottle was 140,55 €.

The Wine.Network can store, analyse and process thousands of wine auctions daily and we receive thousands of new auction results and valuations from all wine auctions worldwide.

Just like a portfolio for stocks and bonds - only with us for wines - including a wine cellar management - all prices are immediately analysed and processed, the wine cellars of our users are updated at the same time and their value is recalculated.

We scan over 12,000 wineries with well over 100,000 different wines. We process and analyse all vintages from 1700 onwards and all common bottle sizes.

We use this daily information to build up our wine indices, which provide a very precise overview of the performance of the world's most important wine regions on a daily basis. An important factor for decisions when investing in wine in combination with the Winery Ranking

We can't show every wine here with a new rating - we do that on our wine price databases. But as an example we show some of the most important wineries and wines whose prices have been updated today.

Liger Belair La Romanee 2013, Alberto Longo Le Cruste 2006, Oberto Andrea Barolo 2016, Jean Paul Jamet Cote Rotie 2016, Jean Paul Jamet Cote Rotie 2006, Wind Gap Chardonnay 2013, Quilceda Creek, Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon 2020, Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, Armand Rousseau Chambertin 2011, 2003 Albini Family Vineyards Merlot, Leflaive Chevalier Montrachet magnum 2010,

During this trading day the biggest share (1.884 ) bottles about 34,54 % came from the fine wine region of US-California.

The wines from the winery Hobbs Winery from US-California were most sold. With a total of 1,54 % or 84 wine bottles it was set on the first place in popularity by wine lovers.

The most popular single wine was the 2013 Wind Gap - Chardonnay in a 750 ml bottle. With more than 0,44 % of the complete range roundabout 24 wine bottles this wine was clearly the most popular wine. The most coveted vintage at this wine auction was the 2018 vintage, with 452 bottles or 8,29 %, thus the vintage got the first place. The 750 ml size achieved 94,57 % or 5.158 bottles in this wine auction.

WineBid Wine Auction Week until 2022-10-24 Best Performer Top 100

1PortugalPrats SymingtonChryseia20177503.0888
2BurgundyMorey Colin PYChassagne Montrachet20147503
4ArgentinaFamilia ZuccardiMalbec20157502.2126
6Australia-SAWendoureeShiraz Mataro20047501.81
7Australia-SAWendoureeShiraz Mataro20037501.766
8US-CaliforniaFreemark AbbeyCabernet Sauvignon Bosche Vineyard19747501.6538
10Australia-SAWendoureeMalbec Shiraz20017501.5806
11Australia-SAWendoureeShiraz Mataro19987501.4262
12US-CaliforniaShafer VineyardsSyrah Relentless20007501.3802
13Australia-SAWendoureeShiraz Mataro20017501.371
14RhoneGraillot AlainCrozes Hermitage20177501.3575
15US-CaliforniaHobbs WineryPinot Noir Lindsay Estate20137501.345
17ChampagneVilmart et CieGrand Cellier d'Or20097501.2831
19ArgentinaBodegas Catena ZapataChardonnay20187501.2353
20VenetoBussola TommasoValpolicella Classico20007501.2261
21GermanyHaag FritzBrauneberger Juffer Riesling Spätlese20057501.1253
22Australia-SANoonCabernet Sauvignon Reserve20037501.1111
23PiedmontScavino PaoloBarolo Bric del Fiasc20107501.0625
24ToscanaFrescobaldiBrunello di Montalcino20107501.0585
25Australia-SATorbreckThe Run Rig19997501.0234
26PiedmontGrasso ElioBarolo Runcot Riserva20077500.9685
27ToscanaCasanova di NeriBrunello di Montalcino Cerretalto20077500.9684
28RhonePegauChateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Reservee20187500.9502
30US-CaliforniaAbreuCabernet Sauvignon Rothwell Hyde20147500.9122
31BurgundyBoyer MartenotMeursault20117500.8767
32PiedmontMascarello GiuseppeBarolo Monprivato Ca D'Morisso Riserva20107500.8732
33BurgundyDrouhin LarozeBonnes Mares20137500.8693
34PiedmontMascarello BartoloBarolo20107500.8576
35US-CaliforniaJordanCabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley19787500.806
36ToscanaTua RitaSyrah20067500.8
37US-CaliforniaKosta BrownPinot Noir20167500.7692
38RhoneSaint PrefertChateauneuf du Pape Collecion Charles Giraud20157500.75
39RhoneSaint PrefertChateauneuf du Pape Reserve Auguste Favier20157500.75
40ToscanaValdicavaBrunello di Montalcino200615000.74
41Australia-SATorbreckThe Laird20127500.7332
42RhoneGuigalCote Rotie la Turque20137500.7059
44RhoneVieille JulienneChateauneuf du Pape Reserve20017500.6892
45BurgundyBoillot HenryCriots Batard Montrachet20047500.6823
46PiedmontGrasso ElioBarolo Runcot Riserva20067500.6776
47US-CaliforniaDuckhornRed Howell Mountain20167500.6716
48US-CaliforniaHobbs WineryPinot Noir Lindsay Estate20167500.6693
49BurgundyDesjourneys JulesMoulin a Vent20107500.6667
50ValenciaBodegas MustiguilloQuincha Corral20017500.6667
51BurgundyCoche DuryBourgogne Blanc20087500.6585
53US-CaliforniaRaymondCabernet Sauvignon20117500.6316
54US-CaliforniaShafer VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon Stag's Leap District Hills...19947500.6187
55Castile en LeonVega SiciliaUnico Gran Reserva20097500.6104
56RhoneCristiaChateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes20157500.5997
57US-CaliforniaSchrader CellarsCabernet Sauvignon Double Diamond Red Hill20097500.5908
58BurgundyBillaud SimonChablis Montee de Tonnerre20127500.5851
60Castile en LeonNumanthiaTermanthia20057500.5741
61La RiojaMarquis de MurrietaCastillo Ygay Gran Reserva20057500.5716
62BurgundyJadot LouisChevalier Montrachet les Demoiselles20077500.5716
64US-CaliforniaSine Qua NonTo The Rescue Grenache20073750.5682
65US-OregonFiggins EstateRed Wine20137500.5672
66US-CaliforniaRochioliPinot Noir West Block20087500.5638
67Australia-SAClarendon HillsShiraz Brookman20057500.5571
68US-CaliforniaWilliams Selyem VineyardPinot Noir Terra de Promissio Vineyard20147500.5513
69BurgundyCoche DuryBourgogne Blanc20067500.5499
70RhoneClos des PapesChateauneuf du Pape201215000.5455
71US-WashingtonLeonetti CellarSangiovese20107500.5442
72BurgundyRamonetChassagne Montrachet La Boudriotte20047500.5429
73US-CaliforniaBeaulieuCabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve19627500.5405
74GermanyPrüm JJWehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett20057500.5333
75US-CaliforniaVenge VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon20157500.5333
76Castile en LeonVega SiciliaUnico Gran Reserva20057500.5308
77US-CaliforniaOakfordCabernet Sauvignon19987500.5301
78US-CaliforniaMartin Ray VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon20157500.5264
79BordeauxLynch BagesLynch Bages20097500.5251
80US-CaliforniaWilliams Selyem VineyardPinot Noir Allen Vineyard20137500.5239
81BurgundyJadot LouisGrands Echezeaux20127500.5021
82ToscanaPoggio ScaletteIl Carbonaione20107500.5002
84US-CaliforniaHourglassCabernet Sauvignon19977500.5
85US-WashingtonLeonetti CellarSangiovese20087500.5
86ToscanaGiodoBrunello Di Montalcino20107500.4951
88US-CaliforniaKistlerChardonnay Durell Vineyard20167500.4757
90US-CaliforniaMorning Dew RanchPinot Noir20137500.4674
91US-CaliforniaCopain WinesSyrah Hawks Butte20137500.4671
92BurgundyEnte ArnaudMeursault Clos des Ambres20117500.4586
93RhoneJamet J PCote Rotie20167500.4583
94BordeauxPavillon RougePavillon Rouge20057500.4567
95RhoneJamet J PCote Rotie20067500.4506
96RhoneClape ACornas20137500.45
97US-CaliforniaVeriteLa Muse20017500.4469
98PiedmontConterno GiacomoBarolo Cascina Francia20107500.4423
99ToscanaCapannaBrunello di Montalcino20067500.4414
100US-CaliforniaSine Qua NonDistenta I Grenache20197500.4318

The most expensive wine in this auction came from Burgundy.

One bottle Liger Belair La Romanee vintage 2013 in a 750 ml wine bottle changed the owner for 4.510,00 € per unit.

Four bottles Leflaive Chevalier Montrachet vintage 2010 (magnum - 1.500ml) changed ownership for 2.675,00 € per bottle.

A Armand Rousseau Chambertin from the vintage 2011 shined with a price of 2.200,00 € for a 750 ml bottle.

Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-10-24
+10,96 %
Total Performance
+200,00 %
Wine Auction Prices - Jamet J P - Cote Rotie 2006
Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-10-24
+10,80 %
Total Performance
+105,00 %
Wine Auction Prices - Liger Belair - La Romanee 2013
Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-10-24
+13,14 %
Total Performance
+228,27 %
Wine Auction Prices - Leflaive - Chevalier Montrachet 2010
Starting Date
First Price
Price 2022-10-24
+15,90 %
Total Performance
+262,64 %
Wine Auction Prices - Rousseau A - Chambertin 2011