Bonhams Weinauktion London Samstag den 2020-11-28

Bonhams Weinauktion London Samstag den 2020-11-28

The atmosphere was tense and the hall at Bonhams was filled slowly, after the wine tasting ended.

204 wine lots were auctioned at the Bonhams Wine Auction at the London fine wine trading day on Saturday the 2020-11-28. The tradingvolume without mixed lots was 1.474, the price volume 316.656,44 €. The average fine wine value was 214,83 €.

Bordeaux supplied 829 bottles or converted 56,24 % from all trades in this wine auction.

The winery Pontet Canet from Bordeaux was the most wanted. The most popular single wine was also the Pontet Canet .

With a total of 7,60 % or 112 sold wine bottles. The 2000 vintage was most wanted with 161 bottles.

The most expensive wine in this wine auction came from Burgundy. One wine bottle Domaine de la Romanee Conti – La Tache vintage 1934 in a 750 ml bottle could be sold for 8.089,00 € per bottle.

Burgundy was represented with 348 wine bottles or otherwise 23,61 % of the trading volume.

The vintage 2005 was represented with 103 bottles.

122 bottles or 8,28 % of the total dealing volume were traded from the Rhone.

A bottle of 1972 Domaine de la Romanee Conti – Romanee Conti, achieved a price of 5.200,00 € per 750 ml bottle.

A magnum Dom Perignon Wedding Edition, 1961 vintage, reached a value of 4.622,00 € for a single bottle.

Picture: Unsplash – Árpád Czapp