Zachys Wine Auction New York 2022-11-04 Analysis & Statistics

Zachys Wine Auction New York 2022-11-04 Analysis & Statistics

It was the auction for the twentieth anniversary of the auction at Zachys New York.

Zachys once again offered the best the wine world has to offer and the team around Charles Antin outbid themselves.
Zachys described the auction with the following words:

"This sale is chock full of great collections, but let’s start with the two subtitled on the cover. The collection of Sherry and Joel Mallin is a true wine lovers' collection; this is one of the great collections of mature Bordeaux (and Burgundy, and Champagne, and California wine) out there and those looking to taste bottles which have sat untouched in a custom cellar in Pound Ridge, NY, for decades, should look no further. Some of the wines in this collection are exceptionally rare—especially the Port. Yes, there are magnums of DRC Montrachet and 1979 Krug Clos du Mesnil, but if you were ever going to add a bottle or two of Port to the collection, this would be the time to do it. You never—never—see old bottles like this. Meanwhile, there’s The Alpha Collection, which is from an old friend of ours at Zachys. Truly one of the great American collections, this offering serves as a great counterpoint to Sherry and Joel’s collection.

The same top tier wines, except with a focus on Burgundy from the last 20 years instead of the last 200. There are few collectors out there who have amassed the crème de la crème like the Alpha Collector. He put in the work, now you can reap the benefit! Lastly, I should mention that 20 years ago on October 25 and 26, Zachys Wine Auctions held its first sale. Already an established merchant for half a century by that time, Zachys entered the market with a bang and, to quote Howard Goldberg writing for Decanter, that first auction, “has rewritten the rule book - and, collectors say, may put this suburban New York wine store among big league auction houses.” The sale realized $3.6m in 1,510 lots and kicked off two decades of successful auctions. Times have changed, to say the least, but the goal remains the same: to consistently offer rare wines the world over, to innovate, and to share our passion."

Zachys Wine Auction New York 2022-11-04 Wine Price Records - All Time High Prices

Wine Price RecordsRegionVineyardWineVintageSizeValuePerformance 
1BurgundyArnoux RobertLatricieres Chambertin2011750337,66 €185,96%
2BurgundyLeflaiveChevalier Montrachet20171.5003.646,68 €165,73%
3BordeauxLatourLatour19591.5008.610,21 €160,84%
4BurgundyMorey Colin PYMontrachet20137501.485,68 €125,88%
5BurgundyBlain GagnardMontrachet2015750675,31 €113,59%
6BurgundyArnoux RobertLatricieres Chambertin2010750472,72 €108,66%
7BurgundyMorey Colin PYBienvenues Batard Montrachet2013750658,43 €96,21%
8BordeauxLafiteLafite19377502.228,53 €92,85%
9BurgundyLignier HubertClos de la Roche19881.5002.127,23 €84,28%
10ChampagneBollingerVieilles Vignes Francaises20107501.519,45 €78,63%

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Zachys Wine Auction New York 2022-11-04 Best Performers Top 100

BurgundyDomaine d'AuvenayCriots Batard Montrachet200775018.233,39 €373,80%
BurgundyDomaine d'AuvenayCriots Batard Montrachet201175019.246,35 €242,28%
BurgundyArnoux RobertLatricieres Chambertin2011750337,66 €185,96%
BurgundyLeflaiveChevalier Montrachet20171.5003.646,68 €165,73%
BurgundyLeflaiveBienvenue Batard Montrachet20111.5001.620,75 €164,69%
BurgundyDomaine d'AuvenayMazis Chambertin20137507.428,42 €149,03%
BurgundyArnoux RobertLatricieres Chambertin2010750472,72 €108,66%
BurgundyDauvissat CamusChablis les Clos2006750219,48 €100,93%
PortugalHenriquesMadeira Malmsey1900750540,25 €98,67%
BurgundyFontaine GagnardMontrachet2017750607,78 €92,95%
BurgundyMugnierMusigny20041.5003.241,49 €85,90%
BurgundyLignier HubertClos de la Roche19881.5002.127,23 €84,28%
BurgundyMorey Colin PYBienvenues Batard Montrachet2013750658,43 €81,63%
ChampagneBollingerVieilles Vignes Francaises20107501.519,45 €78,63%
BurgundyBlain GagnardMontrachet2017750675,31 €74,76%
BurgundyFontaine GagnardMontrachet2015750709,08 €67,79%
BurgundyDomaine d'AuvenayPuligny Montrachet les Folatieres20057506.077,80 €66,03%
PortugalD'OliveirasMadeira Malvasia Reserva1900750877,90 €64,78%
BurgundyLeflaivePuligny Montrachet Clavillon2017750438,95 €64,49%
BurgundyDomaine d'AuvenayAuxey Duresses20027503.444,08 €57,28%
BurgundyFontaine GagnardMontrachet2010750607,78 €56,75%
BurgundyPonnelleBonnes Mares1969750574,01 €55,98%
BurgundyRoumier GeorgesMusigny19697506.584,28 €52,47%
BurgundyMorey CarolineCriots Batard Montrachet2016750607,78 €51,95%
BurgundyComte de VogueMusigny Blanc20177501.097,38 €51,87%
BurgundyFontaine GagnardCriots Batard Montrachet2014750371,42 €50,57%
BurgundyFaiveleyBatard Montrachet2017750236,36 €49,85%
BordeauxBrane CantenacBrane Cantenac19481.500526,74 €49,08%
LoireDidier DagueneauBlanc Fume de Pouilly Pur Sang1996750236,36 €46,98%
BurgundyMorey Colin PYMontrachet20137501.485,68 €46,66%
BurgundyMeo CamuzetVosne Romanee Aux Brulees20017501.114,27 €44,01%
BordeauxHaut BrionHaut Brion19537501.519,45 €43,48%
BurgundyCoche DuryMeursault les Perrieres20047504.305,11 €43,04%
BurgundyBlain GagnardMontrachet2015750675,31 €41,53%
BurgundyDomaine de la Romanee ContiMontrachet19881.50013.168,56 €39,93%
BurgundyLeflaiveMontrachet200475011.142,63 €38,47%
BurgundyCoche DuryMeursault les Perrieres20147504.727,17 €36,71%
BurgundyLatour LouisMusigny1978750506,49 €35,58%
BurgundyRaveneauChablis Blanchots20087501.012,97 €35,06%
BurgundyRemyLatricieres Chambertin1990750135,06 €35,06%
BurgundyLeflaiveBienvenue Batard Montrachet20147501.097,38 €32,96%
PiedmontGiacosa BrunoBarbaresco Santo Stefano19787503.038,90 €32,76%
RhoneBonneau HChateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Marie Beurrier2011750219,48 €32,62%
BurgundyBlain GagnardBatard Montrachet2015750287,01 €32,46%
BurgundyDomaine d'AuvenayBonnes Mares20137506.077,80 €30,59%
BurgundyBlain GagnardBatard Montrachet2014750287,01 €30,46%
BordeauxPichon Longueville LalandePichon Longueville Lalande19532.5001.620,75 €30,24%
BurgundyComtes LafonMeursault Charmes2008750438,95 €30,01%
BurgundySauzet EtienneMontrachet1993750861,02 €29,13%
BurgundyLeflaiveChevalier Montrachet1997750911,67 €28,40%
BordeauxLafiteLafite19377502.228,53 €28,03%
BordeauxLafiteLafite19571.5001.316,86 €27,79%
PiedmontGiacosa BrunoBarbaresco Gallina1985750438,95 €27,76%
BordeauxLatourLatour19591.5008.610,21 €26,63%
BurgundyCoche DuryMeursault les Perrieres20067503.292,14 €26,62%
US-CaliforniaBond HarlanAssortment2004750329,21 €25,77%
BurgundyRaveneauChablis les Clos20017501.114,27 €25,49%
BurgundySauzet EtienneChevalier Montrachet2008750506,48 €25,06%
BurgundyBouchard Pere et FilsChevalier Montrachet2017750590,90 €24,93%
BurgundyRamonetChassagne Montrachet les Caillerets2008750236,36 €24,40%
PiedmontConterno GiacomoBarolo Monfortino Riserva19787504.051,87 €24,35%
BurgundyLeflaiveChevalier Montrachet20187501.266,21 €23,53%
BurgundyRaveneauChablis Forets2016750320,77 €23,37%
BurgundyLeroyGevrey Chambertin2015750270,12 €22,49%
BurgundyCoche DuryMeursault20177501.097,38 €21,48%
BurgundyDomaine d'AuvenayMeursault les Gouttes d'Or20117506.415,45 €21,21%
VenetoQuintarelliRecioto della Valpolicella1981750263,37 €19,71%
BurgundyBouchard Pere et FilsMontrachet2011750590,90 €19,41%
BurgundyCoche DuryMeursault Genevrieres20057503.038,90 €19,28%
ChampagneTaittingerCDC Blanc de Blancs1993750371,42 €19,12%
BurgundyRoumier GeorgesChambolle Musigny2009750574,01 €18,76%
BurgundyLeroux BenjaminBatard Montrachet2014750438,95 €18,64%
BurgundyLeflaiveChevalier Montrachet20097501.181,79 €18,18%
BurgundyLeflaiveBatard Montrachet20177501.350,62 €17,65%
BurgundyBlain GagnardMontrachet2014750641,55 €17,07%
BurgundyLeflaiveBatard Montrachet2015750945,43 €16,67%
PiedmontVoerzio RobertoBarolo2010750143,50 €16,18%
PiedmontSandrone LucianoBarolo Cannubi Boschis1989750472,72 €16,12%
BurgundyFontaine GagnardCriots Batard Montrachet2010750303,89 €16,06%
BurgundyComte de VogueMusigny Blanc20167501.114,27 €15,95%
PiedmontRinaldi GiuseppeBarolo1971750641,55 €15,83%
BordeauxAngelusAngelus19983.0001.620,75 €15,77%
BurgundyLeflaivePuligny Montrachet les Pucelles2012750540,25 €14,82%
BurgundyLeflaiveBienvenue Batard Montrachet2011750709,08 €14,74%
BurgundyComtes LafonMontrachet20187503.038,90 €14,72%
ChampagneBollingerVieilles Vignes Francaises20087501.857,10 €14,58%
BurgundyDomaine d'AuvenayMazis Chambertin20147506.753,11 €14,46%
BurgundyFontaine GagnardMontrachet2013750540,25 €14,25%
BordeauxHaut Brion BlancHaut Brion Blanc2018750590,90 €14,19%
RhoneRayasChateauneuf du Pape Reserve19947501.215,56 €13,92%
BurgundyMorey Colin PYMontrachet20107502.228,53 €13,58%
PiedmontGiacosa BrunoBarbaresco Santo Stefano1988750696,41 €13,02%
BurgundyBouchard Pere et FilsChevalier Montrachet2018750287,01 €12,66%
BurgundyCoche DuryPuligny Montrachet les Enseigneres20067501.114,27 €12,55%
BurgundyComtes LafonMeursault les Perrieres2018750641,55 €11,96%
BurgundyMorey Colin PYBatard Montrachet2013750641,55 €11,77%
BurgundyMortet DenisChambertin19967501.316,86 €11,60%
BurgundySauzet EtienneMontrachet2016750641,55 €10,61%
BurgundyComtes LafonMeursault les Perrieres2015750540,25 €10,26%
BurgundyLeflaiveChevalier Montrachet20157501.215,56 €10,12%

Zachys Wine Auction New York 2022-11-04 Analysis & Statistics

 Zachys Wine Auction New York 2022-11-04 
Processe Auctions1.005
Processed Trading Volume5.670
Processed Price Volume4.066.453,96 €
Processed Bottle Average717,19 €
Most Wanted RegionBordeaux+37,55 %
Burgundy+28,32 %
Rhone+9,33 %
US-California+7,07 %
Piedmont+6,26 %
Most Wanted VineyardLatour+4,22 %
Chateau Margaux+3,56 %
Leflaive+3,56 %
Haut Brion+3,19 %
Lafite+2,31 %
Most Wanted WineJaboulet Aine Hermitage la Chapelle 1990+0,63 %
Guigal Cote Rotie la Landonne 1983+0,63 %
Chateau Margaux 1985+0,49 %
Haut Brion 1982+0,49 %
Gruaud Larose 1982+0,49 %
Most Wanted Vintage1982+5,04 %
2017+4,74 %
2009+4,64 %
2015+4,50 %
1990+3,84 %
Most Wanted Size750+93,49 %
1.500+4,76 %
375+1,22 %
3.000+0,39 %
6.000+0,12 %
Most Wanted Quantity6+21,59 %
12+20,60 %
1+16,82 %
3+15,32 %
2+10,35 %
Most Expensiv WineDomaine D'Auvenay Chevalier Montrachet 201119.246,35 €
Domaine D'Auvenay Criots Batard Montrachet 201119.246,35 €
Domaine D'Auvenay Criots Batard Montrachet 200518.233,39 €
Domaine D'Auvenay Criots Batard Montrachet 200718.233,39 €
Domaine D'Auvenay Chevalier Montrachet 200417.220,42 €
Cheapest WineCoche Dury Bourgogne Rouge 199767,53 €
Cos d'Estournel 1995 (375ml)67,53 €
Beychevelle 198980,19 €
Benjamin Leroux Meursault Genevrieres 201680,19 €
Chateau Gloria 198280,19 €

Picture: Zachys Wine Auction Screenshot