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Auction prices for fine wine - global - reliable - up-to-date

The Wine.Network ist the beta-version of Wine-Stocks new internet portal for wine professionals, investors and wine lovers.

The Wine.Network provides you with up-to-date and objective data of all important wines traded around the world. Each day we add up to 50.000 new datasets of wine auctions from present and online auctioneers. Currently we use more than 100 data sources. We survey any important auction, collect the data and edit these data condensed and easily understandable for our customers.

Up to now the actual database already contains more than 45 million auction prices tracing back to 1996 and is worldwide unique. So far we cover more than 120.000 wines of more than 13.000 vineyards.

The most important wine index the WIN 100 contains 100 from the most important wines of the world and will soon establish as a reference wine index for wine traders and investors worldwide, comparable to stock exchange indices as Dow Jones, SMI,Hang Seng or Dax. Complementary we will add regional indices that allow you to follow and compare price trends of selected wine regions.

Furthermore our website offers you to comfortably create or record your own wine collections. So you can easily manage your wine collections, control the wine performance and compare it to other types of investment. Never again you will sell one of your precious wines to a price below value. At any given time you will be able to measure and make up the balance of your wine portfolio at wine market prices by just pushing a button.

Additionaly the wine.network constantly develops further applications and services to satisfy wine professionals and wine lovers. Be it a sample of wines comparable or the development of a variety of services, we constantly strive to improve our services for our customers. Our high standards concerning data security guarantee a risk-free data transfer and complete anonymity if demanded.

The wine.network a new product of the Wine-Stocks AG - Zürich, Switzerland