Terms and Conditions The Wine.Network

Terms and Conditions wine.network
(Version 10/2022)

I. General

This agreement applies to any use of any services offered by wine.network
Wine.network reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time. Any modification will be effective immediately upon posting.

II. Services

The wine.network provides you with services related to wine prices, with one of the largest wine price database (with over 45 million wine auction data) which virtually integrates, files and evaluates all the major wine auctions of the world.
The database and the wine price index WIN 100® give you an overview of the wine market and of wine prices performance.

You can monitor wine prices and also manage your own wine collection online and monitor values and charts of the single wines as well as of the whole collection.

You can create your own wine price index and watchlists, which inform you daily about your wines and, if you choose, notify you via email.

III. Subscription

  1. Registration
    Only legally competent persons (of legal age) can register at wine.network. Right of admission is reserved. You agree to provide true, accurate and complete information when you register and to update your registration data to keep it accurate. You agree that we may store your registration data.
  2. Subscription types
    You can choose between a free subscription and a paid subscription. Paid subscriptions have more additional features, allow you among other things to save a higher amount of wines in your collection and (depending on your access) to make extended searches of the wine price database, grant you access to any wine price information on this website and give you a complete wine collection management.

IV. Intellectual Property

A subscription does not grant you the right to any of the contents. Wine.network maintains all the rights to all items and data on the website and will enforce these right if necessary. By using this website you agree that wine.network owns the right to any database you create and related information.

V. User obligations

  1. Obligation to tell the truth
    You have the obligation to provide accurate and truthful information.
  2. Prohibited Uses
    You shall not misuse this website, in particular (not only):
  • You shall not offer, distribute or make accessible contents which are illegal, harmful to minors, unconstitutional, immoral, harmful to competition, pornographic or promoting violence;
  • You shall not distribute softwares which can disrupt the service of wine.network;
  • You shall not overload the network with random or inappropriate distribution of data and in particular spam mails;
  • You shall not distribute viruses;
  • You shall not violate trademark rights, copyrights and intellectual property rights.
  • You shall not use any Bots, Crawlers, Offline-Readers or similar programs, in particulars programs that allow the partial or complete download of website data onto your hard disk.
  1. Subscription use
    Your account is only for personal use. You cannot share or resell it, nor can you grant sublicense to a third party.
    The subscription cannot be given or made accessible to other people without a written consent of wine.network.
  2. Consequences of Agreement Infringement
    Wine.network may terminate your account at any time, should you fail to comply with the terms of these agreement. In such cases, wine.network may seek compensation.
  3. Upload photos
    You may only upload pictures where you have the rights. Images whose rights are protected by others, may not be uploaded. Images which usage rights are held by third, we will be deleted upon request. By uploading the pictures, you allow us to use the pictures and enhance the right to Wine-Stocks AG Zurich. Wine-Stocks AG Zurich accept no responsibility for the uploaded images or the accuracy of the rights of the uploader.

VI. Privacy

Your data will remain confidential.

We collect your personal information (such as name, surname, email address, address, age) for business transactions and for marketing purposes. Information from the log in files will also be collected automatically. Wine.network uses any information solely to create anonymous statistics about the website usage.

We employ the latest security technology to protect your data from unauthorized access. No liability shall be assumed for the safety of the data. The transmission of data is unencrypted. Wine.network offers however an encryption for sensitive data.

VII. Disclaimer of Warranty

Despite taking care that all the information on wine.network be accurate at the time of posting, we do not guarantee accuracy, reliability and integrity of the information. The use of the data posted on wine.network occurs at your own risk.

Any information on this wine price database may be deleted or modified at any time without notice.

VIII. Disclaimer of Liability

In no event shall wine.network be liable for deliberate negligence, omissions, damages and consequential losses resulting from the use and access to the data and information on wine.network.

IX. Responsibility

Responsible for the content of all wine.network databases is:

Wine-Stocks AG
Customer Service
Zwickystrasse 3
8304 Zurich

These terms and conditions and any terms and conditions relating to products or services described on all wine.network databases shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland / Zürich. Disputes arising in relation to the same shall, unless otherwise expressly agreed, be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts Switzerland.

X. Customer Service

The customer service offers information and personal support regarding questions, problems or complaints.

Wine-Stocks AG
Customer Service
Zwickystrasse 3
8304 Zurich
Mail: xxxxxxx@xxxx-xxxxxx.xxx

XI. Final provisions

  1. Severability Clause
    If a part of this agreement becomes invalid or unenforceable for any reason, that shall not affect the validity of any provision of this agreement.
  2. Applicable law and jurisdiction
    These terms and conditions shall be governed by Swiss law. Jurisdiction for all points except the "IX. Responsibility" is Zurich Switzerland.