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Zachys Wine Auction New York 2021-02-08 most lots sold

The largest share of the complete range at the wine trading day, got wines from the wine region Bordeaux. Bordeaux provided 540 bottles or converted 36,64 % from all trades at this wine trading day. The most popular vintage at this trading day was the 2009 vintage with 130 bottles. The most expensive wine in this wine auction came from Toscana. One bottle Montevertine - Le Pergole Torte vintage 2006 in a 6.000 ml bottle changed the owner for 1.663,20 € per single bottle.


Wine auctions at Cavex – 05 December 2020 – Results and analysis

The CAVEX Wine Auctions wine auction on 03.12.20 was again attended by a large number of bidders from all over the world. On this wine trading day, the Bordeaux wine region accounted for the largest overall share of 62.24% of the wine on offer. From this wine region alone, 516 bottles of wine came to the auction. The most expensive wine in the wine auction came from Bordeaux. Six bottles of Petrus vintage 2009 in the 750ml bottle came under the hammer for 2,877.44 € per single bottle.