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Spectrum Wine Auctions 17.11.2022 Record Prices, Analyses and Results

At the last Spectrum Wine Auction on 2022-11-17, impressive results were once again achieved. The Wine.network was able to save 2032 auction results in the databases, analyse them and assign them to the corresponding wines. The stored volume was 5573 new wine prices and the stored price volume was the equivalent of € 651,413.11.


Bruun Rasmussen Wine Auction 20 November 2020 Results and analyses

Never before has a higher price been paid at a wine auction. One bottle of 2007 Armand Rousseau - Chambertin in the 750ml bottle, cost its new owner, at the Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions wine auction, € 1,613.00 per bottle. The previous maximum price for the Armand Rousseau - Chambertin, vintage 2007 in the 750ml bottle, was € 1,545.00 up to now and was recorded on 11 October 20 at the Bruun Rasmussen Wine Auctions in Kobenhavn. Thus this wine records a jump in profits of +27,48 % or € 347,67.