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Wine auction at Zachys Wine Auction New York 10 December 2020

The Zachys Wine Auction NY auction of top wines on 10/12/20 once again saw a number of wine investors from all parts of the world. There were 942 different lots stored in the Collectors Value database, and an auction volume of 6,614 wine bottles, excluding mixed lots, was calculated. The traded sales volume was 3,572,432.02 €, the average wine price of an auctioned wine bottle was 540.13 €.


Christie’s Wine Auction in Hong Kong – Wine Price Records on 5 December 2020

Wine collectors, wine connoisseurs and investors in Hong Kong succumbed to the fascination of the top wines from all over the world and offered over 50 new wine price records, the highest prices ever achieved for these wines. This once again confirms that an investment in wine can not only be a pleasure for the olfactory senses, but also an excellent investment.