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Record wine prices at the Steinfels wine auction in Zurich 28.11.2020

At the Steinfels wine auction in Zurich, many new records were set. More than 60 wines achieved a new wine price record. The wines from all over the world were so tempting for the bidders and connoisseurs of these rare wines that they received top bids in rows. Here is a list of the wine price records with winery, wine, vintage, bottle size and positive value development compared to the last highest price


The losers of the last trading day were fixed. The Italy wine index -1,64 % in the minus range

The wine index from Italy, reflects the change of the following wines presented. Filled daily with thousands of auctions from all over the world, it is updated with great effort by Collectors-Value and offers unique and important information for wine lovers and investors in wine. On 2020-11-29, the Italian wine index had a loss in value of -1.64% at the end of the daily market. The average closing price was fixed at 28,232 points and in the red area at -472 points. The performance is -6.87% lower than in the previous month. The current trend now stands at +8.30 %, thus achieving an increase in value. With +0.30% in the last 24 weeks the leading wine index from Italy developed very positively. Last year's performance was +24.43 % and was welcomed by investors. The far-reaching trend achieved a gain of +123.38 %.