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Portuguese wine index reaches 20.94% increase in value in 2020

The Portuguese wine index reaches an increase in value of 20.94% in 2020 The auctions of the last trading day the 10/12/20 made the next wine index reach a discount of -1.66% or -386 points. The increase in value in the last six months is at a premium of +4.42%, for the last year +20.94%.


Bruun Rasmussen wine auctions of 6 December 2020 Results and analyses

Never before has a higher price been paid at a wine auction. One bottle of 2009 Harlan Estate - Napa Red in the 750ml bottle, cost its new owner, at Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions, 645,00 € per bottle. The highest value ever achieved for the Harlan Estate - Napa Red, vintage 2009 in the 750ml bottle, was €637.94 and was recorded on 31 December 19 at the KL-Wines Wine Auctions auction house in San Francisco. This wine has therefore recorded a jump in profits of +15.98% or € 88.88.