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Wine investment – Analysis of and performance trends in global wine indices 09 December 2020

The wine value development from all over the world has been followed by WIN 50 since 01.01.02 and started at 5,160 points, the most important wines of this wine growing area are recorded here. The performance of the last four weeks has fallen by -4.75% in the last month. The short-term trend is now +0.78% and is rising quite significantly. Due to the value of the current trend, it is not advisable to invest in wines of this index at this time. With a price development of -1.06 % in the last six months, the world leading index has not performed well. The value of the wines in this index over the last 365 days was +6.03 %, which was a very positive result. The longer-term trend performed with a positive increase to +112.17%. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)