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Portuguese wine index reaches 20.94% increase in value in 2020

The Portuguese wine index reaches an increase in value of 20.94% in 2020 The auctions of the last trading day the 10/12/20 made the next wine index reach a discount of -1.66% or -386 points. The increase in value in the last six months is at a premium of +4.42%, for the last year +20.94%.


Bruun Rasmussen wine auctions of 6 December 2020 Results and analyses

Never before has a higher price been paid at a wine auction. One bottle of 2009 Harlan Estate - Napa Red in the 750ml bottle, cost its new owner, at Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions, 645,00 € per bottle. The highest value ever achieved for the Harlan Estate - Napa Red, vintage 2009 in the 750ml bottle, was €637.94 and was recorded on 31 December 19 at the KL-Wines Wine Auctions auction house in San Francisco. This wine has therefore recorded a jump in profits of +15.98% or € 88.88.


Bonhams Wine Auction London Saturday the 2020-11-28

The atmosphere was tense and the hall at Bonhams was filled slowly, after the wine tasting ended. 204 wine lots were auctioned at the Bonhams Wine Auction at the London fine wine trading day on Saturday the 2020-11-28. The tradingvolume without mixed lots was 1.474, the price volume 316.656,44 €. The average fine wine value was 214,83 €.