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Cavex Wine Auction 2021-04-28 Auction Results and Analysis

CAVEX Wine Auctions reached wine investors, wine dealers and wine traders from all over the world. More then 129 wine lots were sold, the tradingvolume, without mixed lots and listed at Wine-Stocks, was 989 bottles. The detected price volume was 369.234,33 €, mixed lots not included, the average bottle value was 373,34 €. The biggest part of the trade amount at the wine trading day, got wines from the wine region Bordeaux. Bordeaux supplied 741 wine bottles or converted 74,92 % from all trades in this auction. The wine from the winery Chapoutier from Rhone found the greatest demand from the wine collectors.


Wine and Whisky Auction at Christie’s Hong Kong on 5 December 2020

On this trading day, in the auction room set up for the illustrious bidders from all over the world, the Bordeaux wine region accounted for the largest share of the trading volume of 56.14%. From the wine region alone, 1,628 bottles of wine came to the wine auction. The Lafite winery from Bordeaux was the most sought after. With a total share of 11.21 % or 325 bottles, it was ranked first in popularity by wine lovers. The most popular single wine was the 2005 Lafite in the 750ml bottle. With more than 3.52 % of the complete range, the equivalent of 102 bottles, this wine was clearly the most popular.