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Zachys Online Auction HK-2021-08-30 Analysis and Results

Wine funds and the big wine collectors on the phones, guests and bidders at the wine tasting. The tension of the participants was palpable, while they were led into the auction room. A total price volume of more then 82.598,70 €, without mixed lots, we...


Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions 2021-05-16 all-time high price for 2000 Vega Sicilia – Unico Gran Reserva

A wine auction from Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions on Sunday 2021-05-16. Twelve wine bottles of 2000 Vega Sicilia - Unico Gran Reserva in a container size 750 ml, was invested at for 537,50 €. With a lot of prospective the fine wine price rocked until 537,50 € per 750 ml bottle and was able to achieve this world record for wine prices. Since the last wine price on the 2021-04-24 at Hart Davis Hart Wine Auction in which a wine value of 262,33 € was obtained, the current price increase is at +104,89 % or 275,17 €.


Cavex Wine Auction 2021-04-28 Auction Results and Analysis

CAVEX Wine Auctions reached wine investors, wine dealers and wine traders from all over the world. More then 129 wine lots were sold, the tradingvolume, without mixed lots and listed at Wine-Stocks, was 989 bottles. The detected price volume was 369.234,33 €, mixed lots not included, the average bottle value was 373,34 €. The biggest part of the trade amount at the wine trading day, got wines from the wine region Bordeaux. Bordeaux supplied 741 wine bottles or converted 74,92 % from all trades in this auction. The wine from the winery Chapoutier from Rhone found the greatest demand from the wine collectors.


Wine Investment News – Leading Bordeaux Wine Index with twelve month high

On 2021-03-03 the wine index from Bordeaux gained in value by +4,84 % at the end of the wine auction. The average closing score stood at 21.061 points and ended up in the black with 972 points.  The monthly performance was able to gain ground in the last four weeks by +5,20 %. The short term trend is now at +6,52 % and therefore gaining in performance . At +18,35 % in the last six months the leading wine index from Bordeaux performed quite stable.  The annual performance was +9,27 % and was welcome by investors. The trend for the long period performed with a positive impact of +91,18 %.


Wine auction at Zachys Wine Auction New York 10 December 2020

The Zachys Wine Auction NY auction of top wines on 10/12/20 once again saw a number of wine investors from all parts of the world. There were 942 different lots stored in the Collectors Value database, and an auction volume of 6,614 wine bottles, excluding mixed lots, was calculated. The traded sales volume was 3,572,432.02 €, the average wine price of an auctioned wine bottle was 540.13 €.


Wine auctions at Cavex – 05 December 2020 – Results and analysis

The CAVEX Wine Auctions wine auction on 03.12.20 was again attended by a large number of bidders from all over the world. On this wine trading day, the Bordeaux wine region accounted for the largest overall share of 62.24% of the wine on offer. From this wine region alone, 516 bottles of wine came to the auction. The most expensive wine in the wine auction came from Bordeaux. Six bottles of Petrus vintage 2009 in the 750ml bottle came under the hammer for 2,877.44 € per single bottle.