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Portugal Wine Index – “In The Red” with -7,34%

The value development of fine wines from Portugal, was followed from the PORT-I, the leading index of wines from Portugal. The fine wine index, followed the , for the wine investment most interesting, wines from this important wine region . The wines h...


Wine Investment News – Win 100 +1,86 % positive again

The value development of fine wines from all over the world, was tracked from the WIN 100, the leading index of wines from all over the world -Win 100. The worldwide wine index Win 100, pursued the main wines from this wine-growing region. The wines ha...


Wine Investment News – Leading Bordeaux Wine Index with twelve month high

On 2021-03-03 the wine index from Bordeaux gained in value by +4,84 % at the end of the wine auction. The average closing score stood at 21.061 points and ended up in the black with 972 points.  The monthly performance was able to gain ground in the last four weeks by +5,20 %. The short term trend is now at +6,52 % and therefore gaining in performance . At +18,35 % in the last six months the leading wine index from Bordeaux performed quite stable.  The annual performance was +9,27 % and was welcome by investors. The trend for the long period performed with a positive impact of +91,18 %.