Wine auctions at Cavex – 05 December 2020 – Results and analysis

The CAVEX Wine Auctions wine auction on 03.12.20 was again attended by a large number of bidders from all over the world. On this wine trading day, the Bordeaux wine region accounted for the largest overall share of 62.24% of the wine on offer. From this wine region alone, 516 bottles of wine came to the auction. The most expensive wine in the wine auction came from Bordeaux. Six bottles of Petrus vintage 2009 in the 750ml bottle came under the hammer for 2,877.44 € per single bottle.


Christie’s Wine Auction in Hong Kong on 04 December 2020 – Results and Analysis

The wine auction at Christies in Hong Kong on 04.12.20 was again able to attract wine investors from all over the world to bid. In the database of Collectors Value 99 different lots were stored, a wine trading volume of 380 bottles, without mixed lots, was calculated. The traded sales volume came to € 1,874,368.04, the average wine price of an auctioned bottle was € 4,843.33.


Bruun Rasmussen Wine Auction 20 November 2020 Results and analyses

Never before has a higher price been paid at a wine auction. One bottle of 2007 Armand Rousseau - Chambertin in the 750ml bottle, cost its new owner, at the Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions wine auction, € 1,613.00 per bottle. The previous maximum price for the Armand Rousseau - Chambertin, vintage 2007 in the 750ml bottle, was € 1,545.00 up to now and was recorded on 11 October 20 at the Bruun Rasmussen Wine Auctions in Kobenhavn. Thus this wine records a jump in profits of +27,48 % or € 347,67.


Record wine prices at the Steinfels wine auction in Zurich 28.11.2020

At the Steinfels wine auction in Zurich, many new records were set. More than 60 wines achieved a new wine price record. The wines from all over the world were so tempting for the bidders and connoisseurs of these rare wines that they received top bids in rows. Here is a list of the wine price records with winery, wine, vintage, bottle size and positive value development compared to the last highest price


The losers of the last trading day were fixed. The Italy wine index -1,64 % in the minus range

The wine index from Italy, reflects the change of the following wines presented. Filled daily with thousands of auctions from all over the world, it is updated with great effort by Collectors-Value and offers unique and important information for wine lovers and investors in wine. On 2020-11-29, the Italian wine index had a loss in value of -1.64% at the end of the daily market. The average closing price was fixed at 28,232 points and in the red area at -472 points. The performance is -6.87% lower than in the previous month. The current trend now stands at +8.30 %, thus achieving an increase in value. With +0.30% in the last 24 weeks the leading wine index from Italy developed very positively. Last year's performance was +24.43 % and was welcomed by investors. The far-reaching trend achieved a gain of +123.38 %.


Fantastic wine price record for one wine bottle Rayas – Chateauneuf du Pape vintage 2004 at Steinfels Wine Auction Zürich

Sunday 2020-11-29 wine auction at Steinfels Wines, a bottle of Rayas - Chateauneuf du Pape vintage 2004 in a unit of 750 ml, were auctioned for 627,00 €. With many bidders. this was the second world record for wine prices and due to the wine price at the last Hart Davis Hart wine auction, where a wine price of 527.25 € was achieved, the immediate increase in value is 99.75 € or +18.92%. The organizers of the Steinfels Wine Auction are pleased with the growing demand for high quality wines from all over the world, as the event achieved record prices this month. Translated with (free version)


Bonhams Wine Auction London Saturday the 2020-11-28

The atmosphere was tense and the hall at Bonhams was filled slowly, after the wine tasting ended. 204 wine lots were auctioned at the Bonhams Wine Auction at the London fine wine trading day on Saturday the 2020-11-28. The tradingvolume without mixed lots was 1.474, the price volume 316.656,44 €. The average fine wine value was 214,83 €.


Sterlin Wine Auctions on 25.11.20

One last worldwide record is set by the auction of top wines at Sterlin Wine Auctions on Wednesday 25 November 2020. For the record price of € 379.00 per bottle in a 1-bottle lot, a performance of +105.53%, converted, € 194.60, the 2012 Chave Jean Louis - Hermitage changed hands very satisfactorily. The penultimate price was listed at the Zachys Wine Auction London on 14 September 2020 at € 184.40. A wine bottle Krug - Clos d'Ambonnay vintage 1995 in the 750ml wine bottle got a new owner for 2.557,00 €. This is the highest value of the auction for this wine, which comes from Champagne. The second place, on the subject of maximum wine prices, comes from Western Australia. A bottle of Moss Wood - Cabernet Sauvignon vintage 2004 in the 6000ml wine bottle got a new owner for 2.224,00 €.


Tenuta Ornellaia – Masseto 2014 smashes all records

1994 Henschke - Hill Of Grace in a 750 ml wine bottle, came up with a wine price of 512,00 € and set a wine price record. This corresponds to a total performance of 167,00 € or +48,41 %. A bottle of Penfolds - Grange, 1960 vintage, reached a wine value of 1.582,00 € for a single 750 ml wine bottle.


Sterlin Wine Auctions Australia Wine Auction 11 November 2020 Analysis and results

This monthly multiple wine trading day of Sterlin Wine Auctions on 11.11.20 could again bring investors from all over the world to bid. In the wine price database of Collectors-Value 586 different lots were stored, an auction volume of more than 587 bottles, excluding mixed lots, was tamed. The sold sales volume landed at 22,701.00 €, the average value of a bottle of wine auctioned was 38.67 €.