Zachys Wine Auction 2022-11-28 Wine Price Records – Statistics & Analysis

Zachys Wine Auction 2022-11-28 Wine Price Records – Statistics & Analysis

Feast Your Palate Part III New York November 17 - 28

Zachy's fascinating wine auction, which ran online from 17 to 28 November 2022, once again offered wine connoisseurs, wine collectors and wine investors the best the wine world has to offer.

We are used to Zachys delivering high perfection but it is always impressive to see and analyze the quality.
Zachys writes about their online auction from 17 - 28 November the following:

In March 2012, Zachys introduced monthly internet auctions, now called zCollections. Zachys is proud to offer a curated selection of wines from the world's major wine regions, all from the same cellars as Zachys' famous live auctions. Unlike the live auctions, zCollections auctions feature wines starting at $50 per bottle and often the world's finest wines in "tasting sizes" of one or two bottles, as opposed to entire cases. With the same rigorous eye for provenance and condition that Zachys applies to live auctions (most consignments are included in both live and online auctions), zCollections offers both new and experienced collectors the opportunity to try something new. In addition, zCollections listings often offer a more diverse selection of wines: one look at the auction can often lead to surprising results!

At such a high quality wine auction it is not unusual to see top prices tumbling and so the Zachys wine auction titled : "Feast Your Palate Part III" has again brought new wine price records and outbid previous top prices.

Zachys Wine Auction 2022-11-28 Wine Price Records - All Time High Prices

RegionVineyardWineVintageSizeCurrent PriceDifferencePerformance
PiedmontAccomassoBarolo Lorenzo Annunziata Riserva2012750191,15 €87,83 €85,01%
BurgundyDomaine FourrierGevrey Chambertin Clos St Jacques20161.500955,75 €377,95 €65,41%
BurgundyRaveneauChablis Vaillons2012750363,18 €143,18 €65,08%
BurgundyCarillon JacquesPuligny Montrachet Les Referts2016750114,69 €34,87 €43,69%
BurgundyCarillon JacquesPuligny Montrachet Champs Canet2010750105,13 €29,10 €38,27%
BurgundyDomaine FourrierGriottes Chambertin Vieilles Vignes2016750907,96 €241,29 €36,19%
BurgundyGermain et Fils HenriChassagne Montrachet Morgeot201775076,46 €18,90 €32,84%
BurgundyMugnierBonnes Mares20107501.433,63 €350,13 €32,31%
BurgundyFichet JPMeursault les Chevalieres201775089,20 €19,20 €27,43%
BurgundyCarillon JacquesPuligny Montrachet Les Referts2010750140,18 €29,32 €26,45%
PiedmontAccomassoBarolo Lorenzo Annunziata Riserva2010750238,94 €46,34 €24,06%
BurgundyMorey Colin PYChassagne Montrachet les Chenevottes2013750114,69 €21,04 €22,47%
BurgundyCarillon FrancoisPuligny Montrachet201175066,90 €11,96 €21,77%
BurgundyMorey Colin PYChassagne Montrachet Baudines2018750133,80 €23,80 €21,64%
PiedmontI Paglieri RoagnaBarolo Rocce la Pira2010750229,38 €39,38 €20,73%
BurgundyDomaine FourrierGevrey Chambertin Echezeaux2012750124,25 €18,07 €17,02%
BurgundyComtes LafonMeursault Clos de la Barre2010750229,38 €29,38 €14,69%
BurgundyChateau de la MaltroyeChassagne Montrachet2014750172,04 €22,04 €14,69%
BurgundyLafarge MichelVolnay Caillerets2006750133,80 €15,24 €12,85%
BurgundyMarquis d'AngervilleVolnay Champans20171.500207,08 €22,08 €11,94%
PiedmontCappellanoBarolo Pie Rupestris Otin Fiorin2011750167,26 €17,26 €11,51%
BurgundyMorey Colin PYMeursault Perrieres2014750439,64 €39,64 €9,91%
BurgundyMorey Colin PYCorton Charlemagne2017750621,24 €51,32 €9,00%
BurgundyRaveneauChablis Blanchots2012750669,02 €49,02 €7,91%
BurgundyTremblay CecileBourgogne La Croix Blanche2015750191,15 €11,15 €6,19%
BurgundyRoulot GuyMeursault Tessons Clos Mon Plaisir2018750318,58 €18,58 €6,19%
BurgundyDomaine FourrierGevrey Chambertin Clos St Jacques2016750621,24 €30,24 €5,12%
BurgundyGouges HenriNuits St Georges Clos des Porrets St Georges200175095,57 €3,95 €4,31%
BurgundyDomaine FourrierGevrey Chambertin Clos St Jacques2010750860,18 €29,14 €3,51%

The Wine.Network

The Wine.Network can store, analyse and process thousands of wine auctions daily and we receive thousands of new auction results and valuations from all wine auctions worldwide.

Just like a portfolio for stocks and bonds - only with us for wines - including a wine cellar management - all prices are immediately analysed and processed, the wine cellars of our users are updated at the same time and their value is recalculated.

We scan over 12,000 wineries with well over 100,000 different wines. We process and analyse all vintages from 1700 onwards and all common bottle sizes.

We use this daily information to build up our wine indices, which provide a very precise overview of the performance of the world's most important wine regions on a daily basis. An important factor for decisions when investing in wine in combination with the Winery Ranking We can't show every wine here with a new rating - we do that on our wine price databases. But as an example we show some of the most important wineries and wines whose prices have been updated today

Henri Germain & Fils Meursault 2017, Geoges Roumier Morey St Denis Clos de la Bussiere 2015,
Fontodi Flaccianello della Pieve 1995, Chateau Ivonne Saumur Champigny 2016,
Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape 1993, Liger Belair Vosne Romanee Reignots 2010,
Mugnier Bonnes Mares 2010, Liger Belair Nuits St Georges Clos des Grandes Vignes 2013 (1.500ml),
Georges Roumier Bonnes Mares, Dom Perignon Vintage 1982 Magnum (1.500ml),

Schloss Lieser Riesling 2010, Schloss Lieser Brauneberger Juffer Riesling Kabinett 2015,
Schloss Lieser Riesling 2015, Schloss Lieser Riesling 2011,
Quinta do Crasto Vintage Port 1985,

Accomasso Barolo Lorenzo Annunziata Riserva 2012 750ml,
Domaine Fourrier Gevrey Chambertin Clos St Jacques 2016 1500ml,
Raveneau Chablis Vaillons 2012 750ml,
Carillon Jacques Puligny Montrachet Les Referts 2016 750ml,
Carillon Jacques Puligny Montrachet Champs Canet 2010 750ml,
Domaine Fourrier Griottes Chambertin Vieilles Vignes 2016 750ml,
Germain et Fils Henri Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot 2017 750ml,
Mugnier Bonnes Mares 2010 750ml,
Fichet JP Meursault les Chevalieres 2017 750ml,

Zachys Wine Auction 2022-11-28 Statistics & Analysis

Zachys Wine Auction New York 2022-11-28 Statistics & Analysis
Trading Volume1.886
Price Volume357.570,97 €
Bottle Average189,59 €
Most Wanted RegionBurgundy+37,91 %
Bordeaux+17,82 %
Piedmont+15,91 %
Rhone+7,58 %
Toscana+7,00 %
Most Wanted VineyardDomaine Fourrier+3,87 %
Chateau Yvonne+2,97 %
Morey Colin PY+2,92 %
Roumier Georges+2,86 %
Germain et Fils Henri+2,28 %
Most Wanted WineHenri Germain & Fils Meursault 2017+1,75 %
Geoges Roumier Morey St Denis Clos de la Bussiere 2015+1,01 %
Fontodi Flaccianello della Pieve 1995+1,01 %
Chateau Ivonne Saumur Champigny 2016+0,95 %
Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape 1993+0,95 %
Most Wanted Vintage2017+8,64 %
1990+6,79 %
2013+5,09 %
2015+5,09 %
2010+4,88 %
Most Wanted Size750+93,37 %
1.500+4,88 %
375+1,01 %
3.000+0,64 %
1.750+0,05 %
Most Wanted Quantity1+44,95 %
2+20,63 %
3+11,10 %
4+6,83 %
6+6,26 %
Most Expensiv WineLiger Belair Vosne Romanee Reignots 20101.911,50 €
Mugnier Bonnes Mares 20101.433,63 €
Liger Belair Nuits St Georges Clos des Grandes Vignes 2013 (1.500ml)1.433,62 €
Georges Roumier Bonnes Mares1.338,05 €
Dom Perignon Vintage 1982 Magnum (1.500ml)1.268,79 €
Cheapest WineSchloss Lieser Riesling 201015,29 €
Schloss Lieser Brauneberger Juffer Riesling Kabinett 201516,38 €
Schloss Lieser Riesling 201517,20 €
Schloss Lieser Riesling 201119,11 €
Quinta do Crasto Vintage Port 198519,52 €

Zachys Wine Auction 2022-11-28 Best Performer Top 100

RegionVineyardWineVintageSizeCurrent PriceDifferencePerformance
BurgundMorey Colin PYPuligny Montrachet Folatieres20111500382,3228,86149,15%
BurgundMugneret GibourgGevrey Chambertin2010750509,73299,73142,73%
BurgundMoreau BernardChassagne Montrachet Les Grandes Ruchottes2014750200,71105,71111,27%
BurgundMugneret GibourgNuits St Georges les Vignes Rondes2010750238,94116,3794,94%
BurgundLamy Hubert et OlivierSt Aubin les Frionnes201175076,4631,4669,91%
BurgundRaveneauChablis Vaillons2012750363,18141,6863,96%
BurgundCarillon JacquesPuligny Montrachet Les Referts2011750114,6944,6963,84%
PiemontAccomassoBarolo Lorenzo Annunziata Riserva2012750191,1574,3363,63%
BurgundDomaine FourrierMorey St Denis2016750114,6944,0862,43%
BurgundMorey Colin PYChassagne Montrachet Baudines2017750124,2547,5862,06%
PiemontI Paglieri RoagnaBarolo Rocce la Pira20141500210,2678,3959,44%
PiemontCappellanoBarolo Franco20091500812,39295,3957,14%
BurgundComtes LafonVolnay Santenots du Milieu20081500229,3880,3853,95%
BurgundMugneret GeorgesNuits St Georges Chaignots2016750248,4978,4946,17%
BurgundMorey Colin PYChassagne Montrachet Baudines2012750152,9247,9245,64%
BurgundCarillon JacquesPuligny Montrachet Les Referts2016750114,6934,8743,69%
BurgundCarillon JacquesPuligny Montrachet Champs Canet2010750105,1329,138,27%
BurgundMugneret GeorgesNuits St Georges Chaignots2017750229,3858,3834,14%
PiemontCappellanoBarolo Franco2000750458,76115,8233,77%
BurgundGermain et Fils HenriChassagne Montrachet Morgeot201775076,4618,932,84%
BurgundMugnierBonnes Mares20107501433,63350,1332,31%
BurgundDomaine FourrierGriottes Chambertin Vieilles Vignes2016750907,96219,7331,93%
PiemontI Paglieri RoagnaBarbaresco Vecchie Viti Asili2010750210,2650,2631,41%
BurgundFichet JPMeursault les Chevalieres201775089,219,227,43%
BurgundCarillon JacquesPuligny Montrachet Les Referts2012750114,6924,6927,43%
BurgundDomaine FourrierVougeot Petits Vougeots201375095,5720,4427,21%
BurgundCarillon JacquesPuligny Montrachet Les Referts2010750140,1829,3226,45%
ChampagneBereche et FilsLe Cran200675095,5718,5724,12%
BurgundMugnierNuits St Georges Clos de la Marechale20171500210,2740,2723,69%
PiemontCappellanoBarolo Pie Rupestris Otin Fiorin2001750267,6151,123,60%
BurgundMorey Colin PYChassagne Montrachet Baudines2018750133,823,821,64%
PiemontI Paglieri RoagnaBarolo Rocce la Pira2010750229,3839,3820,73%
PiemontAccomassoBarolo Lorenzo Annunziata Riserva2010750238,9439,1219,58%
BurgundCarillon JacquesPuligny Montrachet Les Perrieres201275095,5714,7418,24%
BurgundComtes LafonMeursault Clos de la Barre2010750229,3829,3814,69%
BurgundChateau de la MaltroyeChassagne Montrachet2014750172,0422,0414,69%
BurgundLafarge MichelVolnay Caillerets2006750133,815,2412,85%
BurgundMarquis d'AngervilleVolnay Champans20171500207,0822,0811,94%
PiemontCappellanoBarolo Pie Rupestris Otin Fiorin2011750167,2617,2611,51%
PiemontI Paglieri RoagnaBarbaresco Paje Vecchie Viti2014750127,4311,7310,14%
BurgundMorey Colin PYMeursault Perrieres2014750439,6439,649,91%
BurgundMorey Colin PYCorton Charlemagne2017750621,2451,329,00%
PiemontCappellanoBarolo Rupetris2012750143,3610,978,29%
BurgundRaveneauChablis Blanchots2012750669,0249,027,91%
BurgundRoulot GuyMeursault Tessons Clos Mon Plaisir2018750318,5818,586,19%
BurgundTremblay CecileBourgogne La Croix Blanche2015750191,1511,156,19%
BurgundDomaine FourrierGevrey Chambertin Clos St Jacques2016750621,2430,245,12%
BurgundGouges HenriNuits St Georges Clos des Porrets St Georges200175095,573,954,31%
BurgundDomaine FourrierGevrey Chambertin Clos St Jacques2010750860,1829,143,51%
BurgundDomaine FourrierChambolle Musigny201375076,462,383,21%

Picture: Zachys Wine Auction Screenshot