Wein-Investmentberichte und -Analysen 2021-03-21 – Neues Rekordhoch für den Feinweinindex aus dem Burgund

Wein-Investmentberichte und -Analysen 2021-03-21 – Neues Rekordhoch für den Feinweinindex aus dem Burgund

The wine index from Burgund, reflects the change of the most important wines from Burgundy.

On 2021-03-21 the wine index from Burgundy gained significantly by +1,63 % at the end of the fine wine auction.

The average closing price had been fixed with 58.019 points and in the black with 933 points.

The monthly performance rose by +1,37 % in the last month. The short term trend is now at +3,39 % and increasing in value quite significantly .

With a premium of +8,40 % in the last six months the fine wine index from Burgund developed quite well.

The performance of last year amounted to +6,63 % and was welcomed by wine investors. The far-reaching trend developed with a growth of +174,24 %.

The largest influence on the change in value on the all over the world wine index, came from 2004 Roumier Georges – Bonnes Mares in the 750 ml bottle. 

One Roumier Georges – Bonnes Mares was sold for 873,00 €. With a a growth of +37,54 % or 238,27 €. In the pre-last wine auction on 2020-03-26 at KL-Wines Wine Auctions, San Francisco , one wine bottle of 2004 Roumier Georges – Bonnes Mares was sold for 634,73 €.

The Italian Wine Index ITAL-I, the index for fine wines from Italy, had also been changed.

The quality wines guided in this index, embody a covered compilation of wines, which reflects very significant, the performance of the wine region.

This fine wine index is updated dailywith more than fifty thousand wine auctions from all wine regions worldwide. The ITAL-I, the leading fine wine index from Italy, follows the most traded 50 wines and had been started together with the Dax on 1996-01-01 with a underlying score of 2.285.

The ITAL-I was closed with 29.256 points and a gain of 135 points at Sunday the 2021-03-21. On Saturday 2021-03-20, the Italy wine index reached at a pre-last score of 29.122 points. The current performance is +0,46 %.

The changes in value of the Italy fine wine index stood at +2,74 % in the last four weeks. The short-term trend stands at -0,55 % and do not meet the expectations.

In the last six months the performance of the leading wine index from Italy stood at +2,70 %, which is quite stable.

The performance during last year was +5,50 % and was very positive for most investors in wines. 

The long-term trend performed with a positive impact of +112,55 %.

The performance of fine wines in all over the world was followed in the WIN 500, the wine index is the leading index of wines from all over the world Win 500.

The worldwide wine index Win 500 pursued the most important wines, from this wine region.

The WIN 500 was fixed with 48.788 points and a growth of 187 points at Sunday 2021-03-21.

Picture: Unsplash – Bruno Martins