Wine Investment Report 2021-04-04 Neuer Höchststand für den führenden Weinindex WIN 100

Wine Investment Report 2021-04-04 Neuer Höchststand für den führenden Weinindex WIN 100

New highest level for the leading wine index from all over the world, the WIN 100

The wine index WIN 100, the index of wines from all over the world, had also been updated. The fine wines listed in this index, represent a covered composition of wines, which reflects very significant, the performance of the wine region.

This leading wine index is updated dailywith more than fifty thousand fine wine auctions from all wine regions worldwide. The WIN 100, the leading wine index worldwide, follows the valuable 100 wines and had been started together with the leading index of the German stock exchange on 1996-01-01 with an at the time defined prior points of 2.285.

The WIN 100 was closed with 39.312 counters and a profit of 2.347 points at Sunday the 2021-04-04. On Saturday 2021-04-03, the all over the world wine index recorded at a second to the last score of 36.965 points. The current performance is +6,35 %. The value development of the Win 100 wine index stood at +8,95 % in the last 30 days.

The short-term trend stands at +6,75 % and is increasing in the value . Due to the movement of trends diversification of investments in wines from this index, is advised of this point-of-view. In the last six months the evolvement of the wine index from all over the world stood at +15,76 %, which is quite stable.

The performance during last year was +18,54 % and was very welcome by almost all wine lovers. The far-reaching trend reached a positive increase of +149,33 %.


The fine wine index from all over the world WIN 100 climbed moderately about +6,35 % or 2.347 points. One of the causes for this development was the Leoville Poyferre 2005 vintage. The wine was offered at Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions Kobenhavn. 

Twelve wine bottles obtained a fine wine value of 112,00 € per 750 ml wine bottle and therefore a growth of +31,76 % calculated in money 27,00 €. Two wine bottles of 2005 Leoville Poyferre were auctioned for 85,00 € at the second to last wine trade on 2021-03-25 at I-deal Encheres Vins, Online.


The fine wine from Bordeaux was offered at Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions Kobenhavn. One bottle obtained a fine wine price of 403,00 € per 750 ml bottle and therefore a discount of -2,91 % or in sum -12,06 €. 

In the second to last auction on 2021-03-22 at WineBid Wine Auctions, Online , two wine bottles of 2001 Mouton Rothschild were sold for 415,06 €.

The wine index from Portugal, reflects the change of the following featured wines.

Daily completed by thousands of wine auctions from all over the world, it is held up-to-date with great effort by Wine-Stocks and provides unique and important information for wine lovers and restaurants.

On 2021-04-04 the wine index from Portugal had an increased in value by +11,58 % at the end of the fine wine auction.

The average closing price had been fixed with 24.656 points and in the black with 2.559 points.

The changes in value of the Portugal wine index reached +8,70 % in the last 30 days. The short-term trend stood at +6,43 % and achieved an increase in value.

Due to this short term trend an investment in wines of this index, is positive from today’s perspective.

The change in value during the last six months was equipped with a profit of +21,10 % and therefore very gratifying change in value in the last twelve months reached a growth of +20,26 % and therefore very positive.

The far-reaching trend reached a positive impact of +117,61 %.

The quality of the wines from Champagne is included in this third wine index.

The performance of fine wines in Champagne was pursued in the CHAM-I, the wine index is the leading index of wines from Champagne.

The fine wine index tracked the valuable wines, from this wine growing region. The wines were entered in this index since 1996-01-01 and started with 2.285 as much as the DAX. Wine Stocks calculates this index, daily based, with thousands of fine wine prices from all over the world.

The CHAM-I was fixed with 47.342 points and a loss of -2.486 points at Sunday 2021-04-04.

The greatest influence on the change in value on the Champagne wine index, came from 1990 Dom Perignon – Vintage in the 750 ml winebottle.

One Dom Perignon – Vintage was sold for 430,00 €. With a a surcharge of +42,28 % or 127,78 €.

In the penultimate wine auction on 2021-03-18 at KL-Wines Wine Auctions, San Francisco , one bottle of 1990 Dom Perignon – Vintage was auctioned for 302,22 €.

Picture: Unsplash – D A V I D S O N L U N A