Langton Wine Auctions 2022-11-25 Wine Price Records – Statistics & Analysis

Langton Wine Auctions 2022-11-25 Wine Price Records – Statistics & Analysis

The abundance of Langtons wine auctions in Australia is simply overwhelming. The Australian offshoot of Sothebys has almost daily wine auctions on a wide range of themes, regions and quality levels.

Since the statements of the individual smaller wine auctions are not so relevant for an investment in wine, we summarise the results and analyses in 1-2 weeks of results.

Langton Wine Auctions 2022-11-25 Wine Auction Records - All Time High Prices for Fine Wine

RegionVineyardWineVintageSizeCurrent PriceDifferencePerformance
1Australia-ACTChris RinglandShiraz201775035,50 €26,31 €286,29%
2BurgundyDroin JPChablis Valmur2014750127,00 €80,63 €173,88%
3BurgundyChateau de Puligny MontrachetPuligny Montrachet2009375104,00 €62,00 €147,62%
4Australia-NSWTyrrell'sShiraz Vat 5197675036,00 €21,23 €143,74%
5BurgundyBarthodChambolle Musigny les Baudes2016750239,00 €133,55 €126,65%
6Australia-SASt HallettGamekeeper Reserve199975015,00 €6,12 €68,92%
7Australia-SAYalumbaViognier Noble Pick200437515,00 €5,71 €61,46%
8Australia-SARockfordGrenache Dry Country199475034,00 €11,45 €50,78%
9BurgundyGuillardGevrey Chambertin Lavaux St Jacques201775066,00 €21,00 €46,67%
10Australia-VICSeppeltShiraz Chalambar199275017,00 €5,22 €44,31%

The Wine.Network

The Wine.Network can store, analyse and process thousands of wine auctions daily and we receive thousands of new auction results and valuations from all wine auctions worldwide.

Just like a portfolio for stocks and bonds - only with us for wines - including a wine cellar management - all prices are immediately analysed and processed, the wine cellars of our users are updated at the same time and their value is recalculated.

We scan over 12,000 wineries with well over 100,000 different wines. We process and analyse all vintages from 1700 onwards and all common bottle sizes.

We use this daily information to build up our wine indices, which provide a very precise overview of the performance of the world's most important wine regions on a daily basis. An important factor for decisions when investing in wine in combination with the Winery Ranking

We can't show every wine here with a new rating - we do that on our wine price databases. But as an example we show some of the most important wineries and wines whose prices have been updated today.

Chris Ringland Shiraz 2017 750ml, Droin JP Chablis Valmur 2014 750ml,
Chateau de Puligny Montrachet Puligny Montrachet 2009 375ml,
Tyrrell's Shiraz Vat 5 1976 750ml, Barthod Chambolle Musigny les Baudes 2016 750ml,
St Hallett Gamekeeper Reserve 1999 750ml, Yalumba Viognier Noble Pick 2004 375ml,
Rockford Grenache Dry Country 1994 750ml, Guillard Gevrey Chambertin Lavaux St Jacques 2017 750ml,
Seppelt Shiraz Chalambar 1992 750ml, Penfolds Grange 1955, DRC Romanee St Vivant 2005,
Leroy Chambolle Musigny 2004, Tempus Two Chardonnay Copper Range 2016,
Penfolds Grange 1963,

We summarise the results of the auction week for you on The We know that our analyses and the more than 45 million auction results in our databases since 1996 will give you a comprehensive insight into the price development of international wines.

In the databases of The, 3.539 auctions 4.875 wine bottles and wine values with a total volume of 459.987,12 € and an averadge valuation of 94,36€ per bottle - could be stored, recognised, assigned and processed.

Langton Wine Auctions 2022-11-25 Statistics & Analysis

Langtons Wine Auction 2022-11-25 Results & Analysis
Trading Volume4.875
Price Volume459.987,12 €
Bottle Average94,36 €
Most Wanted RegionAustralia-SA+38,26 %
Australia-VIC+16,90 %
Burgundy+8,39 %
Australia-NSW+6,77 %
Australia-WA+5,74 %
Most Wanted VineyardPenfolds+13,33 %
YarraLoch+2,69 %
Rockford+2,05 %
Robert Oatley+1,83 %
Wynns Coonawarra+1,42 %
Most Wanted WineYarraLoch Stephanie's Dream 2016+0,70 %
Satori di Verona Ripasso della Valpolicella 2018+0,66 %
Pertarina Shiraz Over The Top 2018 (3.000ml)+0,64 %
Michel Magnien Gevrey Chambertin 2018+0,57 %
Collector Wines Shiraz Reserve 2015+0,57 %
Most Wanted Vintage2018+11,63 %
2016+9,09 %
2017+9,01 %
2019+8,74 %
2015+7,71 %
Most Wanted Size750+93,76 %
1.500+4,16 %
375+1,31 %
3.000+0,72 %
6.000+0,04 %
Most Wanted Quantity1+78,75 %
2+13,48 %
3+4,86 %
6+2,91 %
Most Expensiv WinePenfolds Grange 19554.433,00 €
DRC Romanee St Vivant 20054.316,00 €
Leroy Chambolle Musigny 20044.219,00 €
Tempus Two Chardonnay Copper Range 20163.893,00 €
Penfolds Grange 19633.764,00 €
Cheapest WineTaltarni Fume Blanc 20175,17 €
Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc 20175,17 €
Robert Oatley Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 20175,17 €
Robert Oatley Rose Wild Oats 20175,17 €
Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc 20175,17 €

Langtons Wine Auction Results 2022-11-25 Best Performers Top 100

Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 3891998750149,15%
BurgundyChateau de Puligny MontrachetPuligny Montrachet2009375147,62%
BurgundyDroin JPChablis Montee de Tonnerre2018750128,72%
Australia-SAJim BarryShiraz The Armagh200475078,59%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 707199475077,23%
Australia-SAYalumbaVintage Port Without Fear197675068,40%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 620200875067,91%
Australia-SAPenfoldsShiraz Magill Estate200175061,70%
Australia-SAYalumbaVintage Port197875061,54%
Australia-SAYalumbaVintage Port Kingston Town198075060,00%
Australia-VICYarra YeringDry Red Wine No 1199575049,09%
Australia-SAHardysVintage Port195175048,75%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 707200275047,42%
BurgundyGuillardGevrey Chambertin Lavaux St Jacques201775046,67%
Australia-WAVoyagerCabernet Sauvignon Merlot200475044,00%
Australia-SAPenfoldsSt Henri201075044,00%
Australia-SAPenfoldsChardonnay Yattarna199775043,59%
Australia-SASt HallettShiraz Old Block198975041,89%
Australia-SACharles MeltonNine Popes200575040,91%
Australia-ACTChris RinglandShiraz Dimchurch200975039,78%
Australia-VICGiacondaShiraz Warner200875039,21%
Australia-VICYarra YeringDry Red Wine No 1201875039,13%
Australia-NSWTyrrell'sShiraz Vat 9199575036,36%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 707200175035,99%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 389200675035,87%
Australia-SAStandishShiraz The Standish Single Vineyard201375035,68%
Australia-SAPenfoldsShiraz Magill Estate199775034,78%
Australia-VICSeppeltPara Liqueur Port10475032,28%
Australia-SAPenfoldsChardonnay Yattarna199675031,11%
BurgundyBonneau du MartrayCorton Charlemagne201375030,50%
Australia-NSWTyrrell'sSemillon Vat 1200575030,00%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 389200275029,51%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 707199975029,44%
Australia-WACape MentelleCabernet Sauvignon201675027,50%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 407200475026,79%
Australia-SAHenschkeShiraz Mount Edelstone200675026,21%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 389199675025,88%
BurgundyFevre WilliamChablis Bougros200875025,71%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 707199675025,50%
Australia-SAWynns CoonawarraCabernet Sauvignon199175025,00%
Australia-SAGrossetRiesling Polish Hill201275025,00%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin S6 Grandfather Port194575024,36%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 407200775023,97%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 138 GSM200375023,81%
Australia-VICSeppeltPinot Noir Drumborg201375020,83%
Australia-SAJim BarryShiraz The Armagh199675020,79%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 707199875020,17%
Australia-SAStandishShiraz The Standish Single Vineyard201575020,00%
Australia-VICWine By FarrPinot Noir201775020,00%
Australia-NSWTyrrell'sSemillon Vat 1200675020,00%
BurgundyLignier HubertChambolle Musigny Vieilles Vignes201775020,00%
Australia-VICTahbilkCabernet Sauvignon199875019,98%
Australia-SARockfordShiraz Basket Press200075019,35%
New ZealandKumeu River WinesChardonnay Mate's Vineyard201975018,97%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 28200175018,75%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 389200475018,33%
Australia-SAStandishShiraz The Standish Single Vineyard201275016,73%
Australia-SAHenschkeHill Of Grace199075016,07%
New ZealandGiesen Estate WinesSauvignon Blanc201975016,05%
BurgundyRousseau AChambertin201375015,70%
Australia-VICBass PhillipPinot Noir Premium201775015,60%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 707199275015,20%
Australia-SAPenfoldsSt Henri200975014,81%
Australia-SARockfordShiraz Basket Press201375014,71%
Australia-VICTaltarniCabernet Sauvignon Pyrenees199875014,29%
BurgundyLeroyMazis Chambertin197875014,10%
Australia-VICJasper HillShiraz Georgia's Paddock200475013,79%
Australia-SAPenfoldsSt Henri20041.50013,04%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 407200275013,00%
Australia-VICScotchmans HillRiesling199975012,50%
Australia-SAWynns CoonawarraShiraz199875012,50%
Australia-SAPenfoldsShiraz RWT200775012,50%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 128199475012,50%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 128199875012,24%
Australia-SAJohn DuvalShiraz Entity201775011,67%
Australia-SAHenschkeHill Of Grace199375011,50%
Australia-WACullenDiana Madeline201875010,84%
Australia-VICMount MaryTriolet201275010,81%
Australia-SAPenfoldsCabernet Sauvignon201775010,53%
BurgundyMichelotMeursault Perrieres201675010,39%
Australia-SAWynns CoonawarraShiraz Michael Limited Release199475010,00%
Australia-VICDe BortoliSemillon Botrytis Noble One19983759,89%
Australia-WAWoodlandsCabernet Merlot Reserve20077509,68%
Australia-NSWTyrrell'sSemillon Vat 120087509,68%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 12820017509,51%
Australia-SAWolf BlassCabernet Sauvignon Black Label19917509,43%
Australia-SAPenfoldsBin 70720147508,79%

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