Bruun Rasmussen Wine Auction 2022-11-13 Wine Price Records – Statistics & Analysis

Bruun Rasmussen Wine Auction 2022-11-13 Wine Price Records – Statistics & Analysis

Every fortnight, the Bruun Rasmussen auction house in Copenhagen holds a wine auction.

The auction house is part of the Bonhams Group and offers the finest wines and spirits for auction at each wine auction.

On 13 November, 336 lots of this wine auction could be listed, processed and analysed at The

According to our analyses, the following key data result from this wine auction of 13 November 2022

 Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions 2022-11-13 Statistics & Analysis 
Trading Volume738
Price Volume211.632,96 €
Bottle Average286,77 €
Most Wanted RegionBordeaux+32,66 %
Burgundy+30,22 %
Champagne+11,52 %
Toscana+5,96 %
Rhone+4,74 %
Most Wanted VineyardLeoville Poyferre+3,52 %
Grand Puy Lacoste+3,25 %
Dom Perignon+2,98 %
Montrose+2,71 %
Lafite+2,57 %
Most Wanted WineMalescot St Exupery 2000+1,63 %
Tardieu Laurent Hermitage 2011+1,63 %
Leoville Poyferre 2009+1,63 %
Grand Puy Lacoste 2012+1,63 %
Cos d'Estournel 2002+1,63 %
Most Wanted Vintage2015+7,45 %
2005+6,64 %
1996+5,69 %
2009+5,56 %
2018+5,42 %
Most Wanted Size750+93,50 %
1.500+5,15 %
375+0,81 %
5.000+0,27 %
3.000+0,27 %
Most Wanted Quantity1+69,35 %
2+10,42 %
6+8,04 %
3+5,65 %
12+4,46 %
Most Expensiv WineLiger Belair La Romanee 20094.824,00 €
Krug Clos d'Ambonnay 20093.216,00 €
Liger Belair Echezeaux 20102.903,33 €
Liger Belair La Romanee 20112.814,00 €
Mouton Rothschild 19472.345,00 €
Cheapest WineReithmaier Zweigelt Reserve 201717,33 €
Cyrot Buthiau Pommard 201620,67 €
Roche Bellene Beaune Cent Vignes 201628,00 €
Kirsch Rene Corton Charlemagne 197338,00 €
Croizet Bages 200540,17 €

The wine auction at Bruun Rasmussen also saw many record prices again. Wine price records and all-time highs were achieved for the following wines.

Bruun Rasmussen Wineauctions - Wine Price Records 2022-11-13

RegionVineyardWineVintageSizeCurrent PriceDifference in €Performance
BurgundArnoux RobertEchezeaux2014750536344,69180,17%
BurgundCathiard SylvainChambolle Musigny Clos de l'Orme2011750261166,69176,75%
LanguedocDomaine de la Grange des PeresGrange des Peres20031500456266140,00%
ChampagneCedric BouchardBlanc de Noirs Les Ursules Roses de Jeanne2011750248140,5130,70%
BurgundCathiard SylvainNuits St Georges Aux Thorey201175037518799,47%
BurgundRoulot GuyMeursault Vireuils201775034816893,33%
LanguedocDomaine de la Grange des PeresGrange des Peres2001150053625691,43%
Castile en LeonPintiaPintia200315001416688,00%
BordeauxVieux CertanVieux Certan1995150042918978,75%

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We can't show every wine here with a new rating - we do that on our wine price databases. But as an example we show some of the most important wineries and wines whose prices have been updated today.

Malescot St Exupery 2000, Tardieu Laurent Hermitage 2011, Leoville Poyferre 2009, Grand Puy Lacoste 2012, Cos d'Estournel 2002, Liger Belair La Romanee 2009, Krug Clos d'Ambonnay 2009, Liger Belair Echezeaux 2010, Liger Belair La Romanee 2011,
Mouton Rothschild 1947, Reithmaier Zweigelt Reserve 2017, Cyrot Buthiau Pommard 2016,
Roche Bellene Beaune Cent Vignes 2016, Kirsch Rene Corton Charlemagne 1973,
Croizet Bages 2005, Arnoux Robert Echezeaux 2014 750ml ,
Cathiard Sylvain Chambolle Musigny Clos de l'Orme 2011 750ml,
Domaine de la Grange des Peres Grange des Peres 2003 1500ml,
Cedric Bouchard Blanc de Noirs Les Ursules Roses de Jeanne 2011 750ml,
Cathiard Sylvain Nuits St Georges Aux Thorey 2011 750ml, Roulot Guy Meursault Vireuils 2017 750ml,
Krohn Coheita 1957 750ml, Domaine de la Grange des Peres Grange des Peres 2001 1500ml,
Pintia Pintia 2003 1500ml, Vieux Certan 1995 1500ml

A list of the best results achieved at this wine auction is available here.

Bruun Rasmussen Wine Auction Results 2022-11-13 Best Performer Top 50

BurgundyCathiard SylvainNuits St Georges Aux Thorey2011750109,81%
BurgundyRoulot GuyMeursault Vireuils201775093,33%
Castile en LeonPingusPingus199675091,43%
BurgundyChartronBatard Montrachet201775081,00%
BordeauxCanon la GaffeliereCanon la Gaffeliere199675072,73%
ChampagnePol RogerCuvee Reserve199675062,11%
Castile en LeonVega SiciliaUnico Gran Reserva200075061,91%
US-CaliforniaSine Qua NonSyrah Rattrapante Touche201775060,87%
ChampagneCedric BouchardBlanc de Noirs Roses Jeanne Presle201275060,73%
ToscanaPieve Santa RestitutaBrunello di Montalicino Reserva200775060,06%
BurgundyMikulski FrancoisMeursault201875059,53%
BurgundyLiger BelairEchezeaux201075058,44%
BordeauxLa Mission Haut BrionLa Mission Haut Brion20081.50056,92%
PortugalGrahamVintage Port197775056,56%
BurgundyMorey Colin PYChassagne Montrachet les Caillerets201375051,17%
ChampagneDeutzCuvee William199975049,50%
Castile en LeonPingusFlor Pingus201575048,89%
BordeauxTertre RoteboeufTertre Roteboeuf201575048,61%
ChampagneDom PerignonRose199675046,61%
RhoneJaboulet AineHermitage la Chapelle198975046,00%
ChampagneKrugClos d'Ambonnay199675045,45%
BurgundyPar Koji et Jae HwaBourgogne Pinot Noir Vieilles Vignes201875042,55%
BurgundyPar Koji et Jae HwaBourgogne Pinot Noir Vieilles Vignes201975042,55%
BurgundyMarquis d'AngervilleVolnay Clos des Ducs200275042,15%
BordeauxMouton RothschildMouton Rothschild200175042,00%
BurgundyLachaux CharlesBourgogne Aligote Champs d'Argent201975041,73%
LanguedocDomaine de la Grange des PeresGrange des Peres20001.50040,50%
BurgundyMillot J MEchezeaux201675040,03%
ChampagneDom PerignonVintage200475035,10%
BurgundyMorey Colin PYChassagne Montrachet les Chenevottes20181.50034,12%
BordeauxLa Fleur PetrusLa Fleur Petrus201875034,00%
PiedmontMascarello BartoloBarolo201675033,95%
BurgundyComte de VogueBonnes Mares201975032,00%
ChampagneBillecart SalmonRose200675029,85%
BurgundyPrieure RochLadoix Le Cloud201575029,81%
BurgundyRamonetChassagne Montrachet les Caillerets201675029,67%
ChampagneJacques SelosseMillesime200775029,41%
PiedmontCappellanoBarolo Pie Rupestris Otin Fiorin201075028,80%
RhoneChave Jean LouisHermitage201975028,70%
BurgundyRaveneauChablis Montee de Tonnerre199575027,95%
ChampagneDom PerignonVintage200275027,91%
PortugalDowVintage Port197775027,62%
BurgundyMugneret GibourgChambolle Musigny Feusselottes201575027,25%
BurgundyPrieure RochNuits St Georges Vieilles Vignes201875026,95%
BurgundyRamonetChassagne Montrachet les Vergers201675026,18%
RhoneRayasCotes du Rhone Fonsalette Reserve200975024,94%

Photos: Bruun Rasmussen Screenshot