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Wine Investment News – Win 100 +1,86 % positive again

The value development of fine wines from all over the world, was tracked from the WIN 100, the leading index of wines from all over the world -Win 100. The worldwide wine index Win 100, pursued the main wines from this wine-growing region. The wines ha...


Sterlin Wine Auctions 2021-06-20 Analysis and Results

One wine bottle Penfolds - Bin 60A vintage 1962 in a 750 ml bottle got a new owner for 7.683,00 € per bottle. One wine bottle Ausone vintage 2006 in a 1.500 ml bottle came under the hammer for 3.014,00 € per fine wine bottle.  A Penfolds - Grange from the vintage 1962 with a wine auction price of 2.954,00 € for a 750 ml bottle.